Thursday, 15 August 2013

Big Earner by The Polished Mafia! Pictures, Swatches, Review!

Hello everyone!

I know, I know, I suck at blogging lately. But this post is about a polish that makes me want to shout from on top of a mountain about about much I love it!

This is Big Earner from the Mafia collection from The Polished Mafia. The creator, Sam, is actually a good friend of mine I met through the polish groups and she is so kind and SO talented. I actually am really proud to say I helped inspire this one! I wanted something green (obviously) that full of body and sparkle, but subtly luxurious, like money and jewels. Mmm.. Yeah. Like really expensive emeralds. I have been dreaming of a polish like this forever and Sam totally made my dream come true. It exceeded every expectation I had!

Big Earner is a lustrous emerald green holographic polish. This is two coats for extra oomph. It was super saturated with colour and sparkle. It has real depth to the colour, not totally a creme or metallic base, more.. shimmery. Easy to apply, it was a good thicker consistency and stayed where you put it while applying. No pooling or clumping. Nice and smooth. Of course my pictures don't do it justice, it has more of a linear effect in real life and I love how it sparkles. I also love that the holo is still prominent without totally changing or greying the emerald green. The colour still pops!

(Outside on a not-so-sunny day)

You can buy The Polished Mafia from her shop here: :) She has a ton of beautiful colours ranging from holos and glitters to cremes and even a new collection of textured polishes! She even has mystery grab bags and will do custom polishes if there is something YOU have been dreaming about and want it to come true! I promise you will love them! I can't get enough!

Oh and here is my IG pics of Big Earner!!

Hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!