Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nerd Lacquer All Of TIme And Space - Swatch

Today I am wearing something really special! Nerd Lacquer's All Of Time And Space! Its based on BBC's Doctor Who (longest running sci-fi show in all of history).. more specifically I think it is based on the The Eleventh Doctor since this polish is found in her "Mad Man with a Box" series. I'm a little biased because I love Doctor Who hehehe since I was a kiddie.

The polish iteself is absolutely gorgeous.. a beautiful muted seafoam green base silvered with microglitter and packed full of different sizes of purple and silver hex glitters, also some purple microglitter. The contrasting colours make it super unique and gorgeous, especially for spring. This polish manages to be subtly funky yet ladylike at the same time. Ugh I just love it so much.

This is three coats, gelous, and seche vite. With this combo it is completely smooth and I wore it for three days with no chips and minimal tip wear. I rarely keep a polish on for more than one day, so it says something about how much I love it as well as how well it wears!

Sorry in advance for my dry dry cuticles. I've got some cream on them right now I promise.

Taken in the shade

Taken in the sun

Taken indoors
Gahhhhhhh it is so pretty!!

I have heard Nerd Lacquer  has disappeared from the nail polish scene :( Any one know any details? I hope she'll be back, her polishes are truly spectacular and ..pardon my nerdiness.. out of this world.

I'll leave you with a lovely Doctor Who quote.... "All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Essence Choose Me - Swatch


Here is another Essence polish I picked up recently called Choose Me! Its a super pretty greened-blue almost teal jelly base with an intense glassfleck shimmer at first just seems gold in the bottle but on the nail its also seafoam green, and blue too. Its really gorgeous, especially in the sunshine. This is three thin coats and topcoat :)

Yay Essence! Another winner for the books :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hello Kitty Nail Art :)

Today I have some Hello Kitty nail art on my paws! (Get it? Paws... hahaha).
My sister and I used to love the TV show when we were kids and now we still collect little trinkets and notebooks adorned with Hello Kitty's famous face! She is just so cute and positive :) "Happiness comes in all colours of the rainbow!" (That was against every natural bitter bone in my body). Today I chose the colour pink because that is the colour Hello Kitty wears :)

It was mostly inspired by this cute little hello kitty nail polish I picked up at Old Navy near the cash on sale for $2.00. It doubles as a necklace..(not that I would wear it) and it is obviously meant for little kids.. but I couldn't resist haha! Its a Pink jelly with silver hex glitters but is so sheer it could probably not build up to opacity :(

My index finger is about 2 coats of Milani Gold (I kind of blobbed it around to cover the entire nail).

The middle finger is 2 coats of OPI Mod About You, then I picked hexes out of the Hello Kitty polish with a toothpick and polka dotted them on the nail. Then I added some loose heart glitter I got from online from

My ring finger is Mod About You again only this time with a white nail art striper I drew the top half of Hello Kitty's face on the tips and added a Bow sticker that came with the Hello Kitty polish. I used a toothpick with black and yellow nailpolish to add her eyes, whiskers, and nose). I got this idea from katikuykuy's photostream on Flickr.

The pinky finger is one coat of Color Club Foil Me Once, a really opaque light pink foil.

Et voila! Hello Kitty Nails! I hope you like them as much as I do :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Layering Day! Nfu Oh 51!

This is one of my favourite polishes, and at the moment, my first and only Nfu Oh (I hope to get my hands on some more soon though). 

Its a gorgeous colour shifting polish with multi-chrome shimmer AND flakies!!!!!! The base is sort of a blurple jelly like base, and the flakies are pretty abundant. The colour shifts from red, to orange, to gold, to green. Its very very obvious in person too.
It applied really well. I think it would probably take about three coats for it to be opaque on it's own but to conserve polish, and to give it a little bit of a funky look, I used one coat over Illamasqua stance - A bright fuchsia, and I think it looks awesome.

Ouu I love Nfu Oh bottles. I think they're awesome!

These next few really show off the colour shift :)

Omggg it is so pretty. I'm in love with it. I might marry this polish in the near future. I got my bottle from Nail Polish Canada where they carry brands that aren't readily accessable to us Canadians for pretty good prices :) The prices for Nfu Oh vary between $9.50-$12.50 and they carry all the flakies and holos and other great ones too!They also ship quickly! I'll be ordering some more soon :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dandy Nails Colorblind - Swatch & Review


Today I have a special one to show you! This is Colourblind by Dandy Nails! She is an Etsy seller with some awesome polishes! I've experienced very good customer service as well as fast shipping :)

Its uniformly sized black and white hex glitter in a clear base. Its EXTREMELY packed with glitter but spreads really easily on the nail. Application was easy peasy, there is no digging or fishing for glitter at all. I love that. There seems to be an equal amount of black and white which I think makes it really special and awesome  :)

I put it over GOSH Blue Balloon because I thought the black and white glitter would look really good against this medium toned blue, and it definitely does. It just occurred to me now that it would look even better over a red!!!! It seems kind of obvious now.. why didn't I realize that until I am writing this right now? That is next on my to-try list :)

This is just one coat. I did sort of float the glitter on a bit just so I could get it exactly where I wanted it. I really love this polish and am going to sport it often!


Artificial Light
Ohhh I love it. Black and white glitter makes me swoon.

Dandy Nails is the brand, and she has some awesome polishes at her shop on Etsy. Tune in here to get the deets :) Another thing I would like to add is that unlike a lot of polishes from indie brands that I bought, Dandy Nails has all the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle. I really like that. It is nice to know you always have the option of knowing what is in your polish at a glance! :)

Overall impression: Me likey everything about all of this.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

All That Glitters Hole Hearted - Swatch & Review

Hello :)

Today is all about All That Glitters Hole Hearted. Ever since I saw it swatched online I knew it had to be mine, and the stalking began. I creeped the All That Glitters Etsy shop and Facebook page for about two weeks before it was finally mine. I waited with baited breath for it to arrive at my door (along with some other goodies).

Anyway, Hole Hearted is a really really cute idea for a polish. Its small and medium sized black hex glitters, and larger white heart glitters in a clear base. Today I layered it over OPI Pink Friday and my suspicions were confirmed. It is adorable in person too. Ugh black and white glitter is totally my weakness, I love the combo so much, especially with hearts. Double win. Win all day long!

The first time I tried to use this baby I almost gave up because I couldn't get any hearts!! The black hexes were coming out just fine but the hearts were elusive and hiding from me at the bottom. Then I realized I was an idiot, and I tipped the bottle upside down while I made lunch. When I came back, the hearts were much easier to grab. I just tilted the bottle and scooped them out on the brush. Much easier, and quick too :) I was once again a happy girl.

Here are some pictures :)

Ugh, this is so cute it almost hurts. I love the look so much. I kept this on for almost a week I loved it so much. Next time I shall put it over a red! <3 :D

Friday, 25 May 2012

Lord Of The Rings Nail Art - One manicure to rule them all.

The Lord of the Rings is in my top 5 favourite book series ever. I read the series & the also The Hobbit when I was about 12 years old and I fell in love with the epic fantasy land of Middle Earth. I have seen the movies literally hundreds of times. I even learned how to speak a little Elvish with a friend in Jr High. No judgement please :D Hahaha!

This is a manicure I have sported several times but I definitely thought it deserved a permanent home on the blog. I first saw it on Billy The Brimes' Tumblr Page originally and I've seen it done incredibly well on The Nailasaurus (one of my very favourite blogs)!

The manicure is the the inscription on the Ring of Power, in the Black Speech of Mordor (where the ring was forged in Mt. Doom) but translated into Tengwar (A script created by Elves originally). Translated into English it means:

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them.
One ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them.

Ahh Now I have goosebumps, and I have made myself sound incredibly nerdy. Whatever, I'm okay with that. While the design I saw on the blogs previously mentioned looked absolutely nerd-tastic, I was thinking to myself.. the inscription on the ring only appears when the ring is cast into flame and therefore... I needed to add some flame. It's not perfect but I love it.

Ooouu isn't it pretty?! Anyway this is how I did it.. I started with two coats of a-England Holy Grail, a gorgeous warm toned insanely shimmery gold. I wish I had a macro of this because it is just stunning.. and the perfect shade for the ring of power.

Next with a toothpick I freehanded some outlines of flames with e-England Percival mixed with a little bit of Joe Fresh Cherry. I filled in the holes of the flames with China Glaze Riveting.

Then I freehanded the inscription with black nail polish (can't remember the brand right now) using another toothpick. My lines are a little squiggly because I was a little shaky... I drink far too much caffeine.

Then I waited until I was sure the polish wouldn't drag, and I added some Seche Vite to make it smooth.

This one is in the sun.

 I hope you like it as much as I do :) The puns are endless with this one..
"One manicure to rule them all.."
"10 fingernails forged in the flame of Mount Doom" etc etc Hehehehe
I'm going to wear this for my next big LOTR movie marathon :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

NOTD Summertime Half-moon Manicure !

Hai hai hai! I'm in a great mood today! Maybe its the sun!! I love when the days start to get longer and the grass starts to get greener and the air smells sweet :) Kids start playing outside, and I can wear sunglasses and roll down the windows in the car :) It is a great feeling.

To go along with my fabulous mood, I needed a fabulous manicure. Something fun, something summery. I chose a half moon manicure that I did using paper re-inforcements that I picked up at Staples. It is something like 5 dollars for 200 of them. I already had on China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (one of my favourite neon pinks), and Zoya Zuza, a somewhat opaque turquoise foil.

This last picture shows the manicure off well, but sorry about my wonky coloured fingers. I have very poor circulation.

I think it is a super cute colour combo for summer. Its bright and funky and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy - Swatch

What a beautiful sunny day out today, I already got a sunburn while walking dogs and wearing SPF 50. Darn me and my pale translucent skin. Anyway, I am in the mood for pink (maybe to match my sunburn?).

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy came out with the Poolside collection in 2010 but is now part of the core line that you can buy at Sally's. It is an incredibly unique neon pink, because instead of being blue toned it is orange/coral toned. It was kind of hard to capture in pictures but I think I managed okay! Its totally awesome for summer. Bright, fun, girly, and eye catching for sure.

This is three coats plus topcoat but I think it could have been fine with two if I had put it on over white. It was a little thick but still manageable. It self-levelled with topcoat just fine too.

Oh I love it. I really do. I'm going to wear this a lot this summer. There really is something about neons and summer, and I love it. Any excuse to wear a neon for me :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

All That Glitters Valentine Massacre - Swatch


Here is the very very pretty and awesome Valentine Massacre by All That Glitters who sells on Etsy!
This is just two coats over two coats of OPI Big Apple Red, with one coat of Seche Vite.

Its micro, small and medium sized red hex glitter, as well as black hex and bar glitter! I LOVE black glitter!!!! It's squishy, it's shiny, its got black glitter. Its so awesome. It has tons of depth with some glitters looking sort of buried in the micro glitters and squishy-ness. It is also insanely shiny.

I got an abundant amount of glitter on the brush and didn't have to dig at all to get the glitter I wanted on the nail. It spread out really nicely too. I love it when a glitter polish applies nicely, and Valentine Massacre definitely exceeded my hopes and dreams!

Valentine Massacre is definitely unique to my collection and I've already worn it a couple of times. I really really like this one a lot, and I don't even wear a lot of red! Its the perfect Valentines Day manicure for my single bitter self as well ;) Hahaha This polish totally calls dibs on February 14th 2013!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Orly Neons For Summer 2012! Swatches & Review


I was in my local Sally Beauty and I was blinded by some awesome neons from Orly! I only picked up two, but the two colours are SOO down my alley.

Orly Beach Cruiser- A very neon blue toned pink! This is two coats over one coat of OPI Alpine Snow, and it dries to a semi-matte or satin finish. I have on topcoat in these photos. I have a lot of neon pinks and it isn't necessarily unique, but its very pretty and I go through neon pinks so quickly, that I needed another. The formula was good, not too goopy and not too thin. My camera couldn't actually capture the neon, this shade really is bright!

Up next is Glowstick, Literally it is the perfect name. At first I thought it might be a dupe for my American Apparel Neon Yellow, but its actually got a little bit more green taking it out of "yellow highlighter" territory and into the exact colour of one of those glow sticks I used to bust open with my teeth when I was a kid. Formula was really good for a neon, and a yellow. This is three coats over one coat of OPI Alpine Snow. Probably could have gotten away with two but I was rushing and had some user error. It was not goopy, or runny. I was actually really impressed. This colour is straight down my alley too, I love it and have already worn it a few times. Very happy summer colour:)

This one is in the sun!

This one is in the shade! Cool right?
Hope you like them as much as I do! Perfect for summer I can see me wearing them a lot!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Zoya Zuza - Swatch


Here is the only polish I have from the Zoya Summer Beach\Surf collections. It's the one that is getting the most attention: Zuza. What a sassy name. Zoya doesn't ship to Canada so it is more tricky for me to get a hold of. Nail Polish Canada sells Zoya for $8.75 and I've had really good experiences shopping with them. They also have been getting their collections in faster than they used to, which I am happy about.

***Side note: Every time I email\tweet\FB Zoya about whether they have future plans to ship to Canada I get zero response. Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not even a "No plans as of yet" or anything. Even if the answer is no I would still like to be aware, 'tis why I asked! I gave up on asking quite a while ago now. I wish they'd respond to my legitimate question as fast as they respond to their Facebook page about what they did on the weekend. Ok, end rant and here are some pictures of Zuza!

Zoya describes Zuza as "Deep, saturated, oceanic turquoise with gold and silver metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish. A beachy, colorful, foil-like shade with the perfect balance between blue and green." and I think it is pretty bang on.

For me, it definitely applied like a foil, and not a shimmer. Mine was slightly chunky but with a second coat it was perfect. It looks to my eyes to have much more silver than gold shimmer but it gives it a glowy shimmery shine and tons of depth. It really is a great balance between blue and green, I wouldn't be able to choose whether it is a blued-green or a greened-blue. I'm going to go with Goldilocks here and say it's just right.

I think Zuza is unique and perfect for the season, and if the rest of the collection looks anything like this on the nail, I'll have to make another purchase! Im keeping my eyes on Kimber and Carley!

All That Glitters Very Peacockish - Swatch

Today I am sporting another beauty by All That Glitters who sells on Etsy. Very Peacockish is on my favourites list lately, and I'm so happy to have it in my collection :)

It is a Blueish/Turquoise base with what I think is either a pearl or slightly frosty shimmer finish. There are small blue and green hex glitters, medium-ish black hexes, blue and gold bar glitters, as well as huge very shiny gold hexes! So much going on in this polish and I love it.

I layered one coat over China Glaze Sexy In The City, which I wore on its own yesterday. I turned my bottle of Very Peacockish upside down for about five minutes before I painted my nails and I had absolutely no trouble with application. I got all different glitters on the brush easily - no digging; and the consistency was very good for such a densely packed glitter polish :)

Oooooouuuuuu so pretty!!!! Gahh I just love black glitter so so much. I think putting it over this lighter blue gives is a funky look. Next time I'm putting it over a darker shimmer polish to try for a more glam kind of look. Its a very versatile polish and I'm super happy to have it in my stash:)

You can get Very Peacockish from her shop on Etsy, and I recommend followering All That Glitters on FB for updates :) She re-stocks pretty regularly!

Friday, 18 May 2012

China Glaze Sexy In The City - Swatch

Hello! Its a beautiful day out today and it is finally starting to feel like summer in NB! I should be up north working.. but I haven't gotten my call yet so I am pretty broke.. but I still love summer in the city. I felt like China Glaze Sexy In The City was a good fit for today :)

Its a very pretty vibrant blue with a slightly frosty teal-ish shimmer that I struggled to capture in my pictures- its there though. It was a little sheer, and took three coats to get the bottle colour. I used a topcoat which eliminated all brushstroke marks from the slightly frosty finish :)

I suggest a good basecoat!!!! This one stained my nails pretty badly!

Have a nice day:)

Nail-Venterous Floam - Swatch

It's mine....... my own... my precious.....

This is how I feel about owning Nail-Venterous' Floam finally! Hahaha I've just been lemming it for so long that it is hard to believe its finally mine!! :D I stalked the hell out of Ninja Polish to get this bad boy!

Floam the nail polish really does look exactly like Nickelodeon Floam, the modelling-mold-toy-stuff that I played with as a kid in the 90's. In my opinion it was way cooler than play dough but equally as frustrating when it got stuck in the living room carpet.

Its got small non-reflective (matte) turquoise and neon greenish yellow glitter! Its pretty thick and dense but spread nicely around on my nail. All I needed was two coats to get it opaque enough for me! It does dry matte (which I love), but also quite gritty. But I wore it without topcoat anyway to keep the look like actual floam!

Anyway, here are a ton of pictures of Floam! I really love it!!!!

I got my precious floam from Ninja Polish for 9 dollars! I was signed up for email updates and I get my emails to my phone so I was able to get on quick enough to snag a bottle! I would suggest signing up for email updates because it sells out quickly!! 

Here is what Floam was if it wasn't from your time: