Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Zoya Ali Swatch :)


Today I am showing you Zoya Ali.. it came out a long time ago but it is a great summer colour! A bright neon pink! It dries slightly darker than bottle colour but not as much as my photo shows! The formula was a little but sheer but built up nicely at three coats and was easy to apply. It dries to a satin finish and this picture is without top coat! I really like this polish :)

Have a nice day :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Nerd Lacquer Hyperspace Bypass Swatch! :)

Hi! Today I am sporting what might be my favourite Nerd Lacquer. It is Hyperspace Bypass! One that is inspired by Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy <3

It is a yellow jelly base with different sizes of golden, black, and yellow glitter along with a holo micro shimmer! I love it. Opaque in two coats and smooth with only one coat of top coat. I actually can't really describe how much I love it so I will let the pictures do the talking!

 It kind of reminds me of lemon pepper sauce!! Hahahaha Definitely not a polish for everyone, it is on the edgy side.. but I love it! For a while now I have been scared to wear it because these polishes aren't being made anymore and I wanted to conserve polish, but now I realize.. if you've got it.. ENJOY IT! Right people!? That is why I bought it so I might as well wear it!

Have an awesome day everyone!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'M BACKKKKKK! ..with some summertime neon flower nail art :)


I am back from my almost five week time away at work! I realize when I am away that I really do take some things for granted when I am at home. When I landed in Montreal it was the most amazing feeling to take off my toque and feel sunshine on my skin. Also it is awesome to not be followed around by massive clouds of mosquitos. Taking a shower longer than 1 minute (without stopping the water to soap up) with no fear of running out of water was amazing! I finally feel CLEAN :) I spent a night in Montreal with some people I met at work and we had a really amazing time! What an unbelievably awesome city!

On to the polish! I got lots of nail mail while I was away but I will save that for a different post coming up as soon as the rest of it arrives! Today I'll just show you a simple nail art design I wore. I did almost this exact same design earlier in spring with some more muted colours by OPI (Think Nicki Minaj colors). This time it is all about the neon and China Glaze! 

The base is China Glaze Im With The Lifeguard, the petals are China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and the middles are China Glaze Sunkissed. I used a medium sized dotting tool to do the petals and again for the middle of the flowers!

I quite like how it turned out :) and I am very happy to be able to make some more regular posts again, it was hard being away from all my polishes for so long *embarrassed*

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Color Club Hot Like Lava - Swatch & Review!

Just a quick swatch/review today of one of my all time favourite pinks. This is Color Clubs Hot Like Lava. You guys ever play the game when you were kids and you had to jump around the living room on the furniture and you couldn't touch the ground because it was made of lava? I loved that game. In fact.. the name is the only thing that bothers me about this polish..... it's pink. While lava is actually falls between orange and red n'est pas? :P Anyway, everything else about this polish is great.

It is a bright, extremely saturated, deep jewel toned pink with a somewhat shimmery foil finish. Formula was amazing and this is one coat, no topcoat, and no clean up. I couldn't be happier with the quality of this one. It dried quick and with some sparkle. I love it :)

This came out with Color Clubs Foiled Collection in 2011 just before the holidays. All the polishes in that collection were foil finishes and they all had amazing formulas!

Thats it for today! Do you have any colours from the foiled collection? Do you like them as much as I do? I am still spotting them on sale for 3.99 at Lawtons in Canada!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Coverband Sticks & Stones & Color Club Wham! Pow!

Hi polish people :)

Just a quickie today! I wore this mani a few weeks ago when I was still at home!
This is two coats of Colour Clubs Wham! Pow! over one coat of white (to ensure the neon really popped), followed up with one coat of Cover Band Sticks & Stones. I love both of these polishes. Color Club's Wham! Pow! is from the Poptastic collection from a few summers ago and it is an eye searing traffic cone neon orange! Right down my alley, and with a good formula to boot! Puts me in a very good mood :)

Sticks and stones really adds something great though, black and white glitter makes me happy and giddy. It applied really nicely, no digging for the pieces I wanted, and this is just one coat. I like the small round glitters in this. I think lately I may like it better than Lynn's CTD....

I think it is an awesome summer manicure. Thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Original & Suede - Swatches & Comparison post!

Hello! My countdown is on! ONE WEEK LEFT OF WORK! Flight is booked for the 28th! Anyway, on to the polish..

I thought my dreams of trying an OPI suede polish had died long ago, I could never find them ANYWHERE. But luck has it my local Winners got some in and even though I was on a strict no buy at the time... I picked this one up. Lincoln Park After Dark is one of the OPI core colours and I love it to pieces so I knew I would like the suede version. 

Here is the original. Nice blackened vampy plum purple. It is especially awesome on short nails. Two coats, no topcoat. It applies like a jelly-creme hybrid (love that), and is very shiny on its own.

And here is the suede version. I don't know what the difference between the OPI Mattes and Suedes are.. they both look matte to me. *[EDIT: Figured it out, OPI Suedes have that hidden shimmer, their mattes don't!] Anyway Lincoln Park After Dark, the suede version, is much lighter than the original. Not blackened at all. To me it looks like a plum purple, leaning a little mauve with a silver shimmer that really comes out to play when you add topcoat. I love the look of this. It is just one coat :) Application was relatively easy for a matte. It was fast drying but not so fast that it ruined application or anything :) When you add topcoat, the mauve undertones completely disappear and it gets a few shades darker and more intense. The shimmer is all microglitter-y and awesome. Sorry I dont have a picture for you of that :(

& Here is the inside of little tag that came on the polish. It gives fair warning to the consumer that it doesn't wear well (like pretty much all matte polishes). I did notice that after washing my hands, & applying hand cream a little later in the day that the completely matte flat look of the polish had faded slightly, so OPI was not lying about that either.

Guess what else they weren't lying about? Wear time. I added some glossy tips, and this picture was taken after exactly 24 hours of wear. Would you look at that? I have never had a polish chip randomly in the middle of my nail. Weird. Sorry for the horrid photo. I was busy, but wanted to grab a picture of what the polish looked like at the 24 hour mark. You can also tell the matte finish has faded in the picture, like they mentioned in the tag.

For the cool matte look though and the price I got it for at Winners, ($7).. I think it is worth it. I knew it wasn't going to wear well and I still bought it anyway because I think matte polishes are pretty cool and I don't really have that many in my collection! Does look way different than the original Lincoln Park After Dark though!

Anyway, have a great day :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Somebody Stop Me!

Hi everyone!

Sorry my posting is very sporadic lately! Being away for work is hard on me in all aspects of my life :( I have about 12 more days left before I go home for a little break :]

I have a problem. If you all remember, I was on quite a strict no-buy before I left for work. I was getting quite broke and had some bills to pay off. So... after I got my first paycheck.. I took care of all of my bills, set a small amount aside for emergency/etc... and then bought SO MUCH NAIL POLISH ONLINE. I didn't even know how much I had bought until I started getting shipping notices. I couldn't help myself!! I went WAY WAY overboard. It was so crazy!!! Somebody stop me!!! *said in the voice of Jim Carey from The Mask*

It all started when I saw that Traci from the Trace Face Philes was having a blog sale and I nabbed a few bottles that I would like to try out including Fly With Me from Color Clubs summer Take Wing collection. I had been wanting it but my Winners hadn't gotten them in stock before I left for work. Also my very first Julep polish. She was selling it for only 2$ so I figure it was worth a shot. I also picked up a couple of indies from her including some All That Glitters polishes (I love All That Glitters) and also some brands I haven't tried before like Polished Perfection, Rockstar Nails and Fever Lacquer. Really excited to try some of these new-to-me brands :]

Then with Indies on the brain, I found my fingers wandering over to Etsy.. just to "look around". Look around my ass! I saw that Daring Digits was having a 20% off sale FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF JULY. I snagged myself a bottle of a Minecraft inspired polish (nerd alert!) and a bottle of Why So Serious? I needed it. Because Batman and I are super tight and I wear my batman T-shirt probably twice a week.

Then I creeped over to Llarowe because I saw that Enchanted Polish was in stock. I grabbed the multi-chrome holos from the Beatles collection because "You can't buy me love" (get it? the Beatles?) Do you see how I can justify every extravagant purchase? Its not a healthy habit. Haaa.

This is when I noticed Llarowe was starting the launch of some new Indie brands. I had been trying to get my paws on some Crows Toes for awhile now and I finally got one.. or six. I just love how the indies are inspired by things I love!! Like The Adams Family, Wonderwoman, and Alice in Wonderland. Like, come on! How can I resist that? It really is excellent marketing. I also snatched up a bottle of The Many Shades of Mr Grey from the Dollish Polish launch because I am THAT GIRL and while most of the time i pride myself on reading actual literature.. once in a while I love to indulge myself in a trashy-poorly-written but addictive book on airplanes. People DO judge you though. Take my advice and do not read 50shades on an airplane.

Then I made my first, but definitely not my last purchase from OverallBeauty. I saw there were some bottles of the Dolly Does Polish collection there and I had wanted to get my hands on a few of those for awhile now. I love that they are non-glitter indie polishes and the "adult themed" nature of the collection made me giddy and I had to have them.

Then I placed an order for the Zelda duo at OverallBeauty. AND I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST 10 SO MY ORDER WAS IN STOCK :D :D :D I LOVE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I still play the ocarina of time on my 64, and Links Awakening on my gameboy ALL THE TIME. Yeah, I'm 22. Don't judge me. Anyway, after months and months of lemming these, I can rest easy knowing they are safe with my name on them! :D

THEN..... I grabbed a bottle of Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise. Swatches of it just looked SO gorgeous. I can tell from pictures that is going to be an amazing shimmer polish. I can't wait to try it :] Plus I am a little biased because I am currently in the arctic and the sunrise here is around 3AM (we only get about 2 hours of dusk this time of year). Since I start work at 3AM, I see the sun "rise" over the tundra every morning while I drink my coffee. It truly is beautiful and I think this polish may have just captured it :) I can't wait! The polish is a beautiful blue with an intense pink shimmer... and here is a picture of the actual arctic sunrise from the tiny inuit village I am currently working in:

Pretty much bang on for the colours right?
I then was tempted into picking up two Candeo Colours polishes. Orchid and Melon-ball! Orchid is a jelly. I cant resist a jelly. Melon Ball is apparently a Llarowe exclusive colour and I have been trying to find a watermelon polish on etsy for awhile but none of the ones that i found shipped to Canada. So now that lemming is complete :)

Since I start work at 5AM... and dollish polish was launching the Mario Collection from 5-11AM EST (my timezone).. and lets face it.. I am a mario nerd, right from the beginning with the NES (I still play with my grandfather weekly). I NEEDED THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. I tried to eliminate a few polishes but I couldn't. So I bought the whole darn thing. I'm happy about it. I was a little worried because people had all the full sets in their cart, so I had to buy them all individually. THEN THREE INDIVIDUALS were in others' carts.. so I refreshed like a crazy person until I could get them in my cart. I also picked up some minis of them for gifts :D

Then I did something really bad. Like, REALLY bad. For those of you who don't know, I have an obsession (borderline unhealthy) with Nerd Lacquer which has vanished from the scene. There was a bottle of Nebula on Ebay for a decent price so I made a bid (I usually stay away from ebay) .. then another.. then another. And suddenly, I *accidentally* won the auction and added another bottle of Nerd Lacquer to my collection :D I hope it ships soon and will be waiting for me when I get home :]

Anyway, NO ONE LET ME BUY ANYMORE. My mom is going to get so mad when the postman comes with all of these. I have a feeling I will have an angry email waiting for me that says "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO SAVE YOUR MONEY" Who is she kidding though? She loves trying on my polishes!

Wow this was  a long.. somewhat boring post.. At least it will help me keep track of my orders and it has made me realize how out of control I have become...... I need to tone back. My shelves at home are already full to the brim! I am going back on a strict no-buy!!!!!! Have you guys ever experienced a binge like this? I don't know what came over me!! NO MORE. At least.. not for awhile.. (still want those layla chromes though.....)

I truly hope all the fall collections suck so I won't be tempted. :P

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OPI Not Like the Movies vs Essence Where is the Party? - Purple/Green Duochrome Comparison!

Hello polish people!
Today I have got a comparison for you! There are a couple of green/purple duochromes out there in polish world but today I am comparing the two that I own :P This is OPI Not Like the Movies (From the Katy Perry collection) and Essence Where is the party? I love the name of the Essence polish. In the town where I grew up it was customary on a Friday or Saturday night to say "wheres the party at, biiiiiiii" (Don't worry, I never said it... just heard it very often hehehe).

Anyway! Heres the pictures and I'll let you see if you can guess. I'll point out some stuff at the end of the post. The first two pictures are in the shade, and the last two pictures are in the sunshine.

OPI Not Like The Movies is on my index and ring finger. Essence Where is the party? is on my middle and pinky!

Differences: They are both green/purple duochromes but they are quite different on the nail. In the pictures in the shade you can see that both have quite a strong duochrome, with the green in Essence leaning more olive, and the green in the OPI learning more gun-metal. In the sun, they look quite different. The purple of the Essence is more jewel toned while the OPI is more greyed out. The overall finish of the Essence polish is a very fine shimmer, while the OPI has a fine shimmer as well as some very small glitters/chunky shimmer thrown into the mix. It adds lots of sparkle in the sun.

Application/Formula: The OPI was thin/watery and somewhat sheer. It needed three coats for opacity. Essence only needed two coats. Careful application was needed with both to avoid major brushstrokes as the fine shimmer made the polish seem somewhat frosty if you were not careful. These pictures were taken without topcoat so it is visable here. I did eventually add some topcoat, and it fixed most of the major brushstroke issues for me.

Price/Availability: I bought this OPI at a Regis Salon for 10 dollars earlier this year, but it is a discontinued polish. It is a full sized at .5oz/15ml. The Essence is available now in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart as a part of the core "color & go" polish line for $1.49 for .16oz. A great deal for a smaller almost mini bottle.

I will let you decide which one you need :)
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Essence Black Is Back - Swatch

Just a quickie today. Another Essence polish baby! This is Essence Black Is Back!
Not too much to say.. its a great black polish. The formula was great & it needed two coats to be completely opaque. Its definitely an awesome staple to have for only $1.49! Way better than forking out 10 dollars for a new OPI Black Onyx.

It dried quick and glossy and wore well. I wish it was called Back In Black like the ACDC song, that would have been badass.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Just to let you all know..

There is a really cool giveaway over at :) Shes giving away FIIVEEE of the HTF and discontinued China Glaze OMG polishes! Head on over and get some entries. I think it would be so cool to own some of those :-) Not to mention her blog is pretty awesome and she has been posting some pretty awesome summer nail art, so check that out too :]

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lynnderella Shape Shifter - Swatch!

HI:) Today I'm posting Lynnderella Shape Shifter. This was an archived swatch and I intended it to stay that way after the way that everything ended up unfolding but whatever, I went through the trouble to make the original post so here it is. Let it be noted that for me.. I won't be supporting her brand any longer. I won't force my decisions on anyone else though. To each their own. None-the-less... Shape Shifter is a pretty cool polish.

Lynderella Shape Shifter is not for the faint of heart when it comes to glitter. It is a mix of every shape of holographic glitter packed in a clear base that you could ever imagine. These are the ones I spotted:
-Small, medium, and large hexes
-Small, medium and large squares
-Bar glitter
Whew, that is a LOT of holo glitter!

Here is a close up of a bottle shot. Soooo much holo.

I have done a number of manicures with Shape Shifter, and it is possible to just have a complete nail of holo glitter goodness, but today I wanted just one coat to add some sparkle where you can really see all the different shapes! It is definitely not for everyone, because of all the butterflies and flowers it almost appears childish, but I think its fun.

This is just one coat over Nails Inc Baker Street. It is a bumpy, gritty, thick glitter with all the huge and unique shapes. The unique shapes all tend to curl up on me.. snagging in things if I don't topcoat it enough. I needed a coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite to make all (most) of the glitter lay flat and make it smooth. I dont think I was ever going to get it ALL to be smooth but it was wearable and decently flat with this combo.

Artificial Light
Indoors, Natural Light
This was one Lynderella that I wanted for as long as Connect the Dots longggg longggg ago.... and I finally got it through the wishlist system (seems like forever ago in polish world now). However Lynnderellas are only available through Lynns shop on ebay now (US only- stupid) because of all that craaaaazyness.  For me, I won't be buying her polishes anymore. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty polishes.. and I'm sure she is was well-intentioned.... but I can't support her business practices with my hard earned chedda. There are plenty of other gorgeous glitters out there for me, plenty of fish in the sea ;) However I will be using the ones I did acquire.. I used to feel a moral dilemma about using them but now I have adopted the attitude of "I practically walked on hot coals to buy them, I'm darn well going to wear them". I won't be purchasing any others from her though. HOWEVER I won't push my opinions on you so if you're interested, she is back to updating her blog. and I believe her ebay store is something along the lines of lynnderella-lynnderella.

What do you think of Shape Shifter? Is it too random or do you like it? Are you completely done with Lynns or are you still lemming some more?

Friday, 13 July 2012

China Glaze Fast Track - Swatch

Hi everyone!

Today I am featuring China Glaze Fast Track. A sandy coloured tan neutral/nude with an intense golden-yellow shimmer. I LOVE the idea of this polish. I love the sandy colour, I love the shimmer, I think China Glaze did an exceptional job of this one. Managed to make MEEE like a neutral. That is hard to do. Application and formula was standard two coats, dried well. ONE PROBLEM THOUGH.. it doesn't look good with my skin.. at all :( Makes me look very very red. Almost like my cuticles and knuckles are inflamed or something. I don't think I care though. I think I am going to wear it anyway and hope people don't notice that part. :]

That is all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful day :)

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Snappy Sorbet - Swatch & Review!


Quick swatch of a Sally Hansen Insta Dry today! This is Snappy Sorbet, a orange toned coral with a pearly finish. It is available at all drugstores mostly and for a reasonable price. These insta dri's go on sale all the time for $4.99. 

Color/Finish: Very pretty. Feels summery and bright but not obnoxious. Great for an everyday colour, even for work. Pearly finish adds something extra nice and was obvious on my nails. Also looked good with my skin & almost made me look tan!

Formula: HOLY BUBBLES BATMAN. Look at how much it bubbled!!! This is without topcoat (just used the SV bottle for hand positioning reasons). This is two coats (a very opaque colour, one coat   was visibly opaque) but it was a thick, uneven nightmare. I didn't get it even with two coats and I did not bother with three because I knew it wasn't going to happen for me. Maybe thinning the polish and topping it with SV would have helped. Its obvious in the photos that application didn't go well. I don't mind the thicker/flat brush of the Insta-Dris but I DO mind when the bottom of the brush is uneven and there are loose bristles sticking out, which my bottle did have, and made application even trickier.

I'll note that not all my SH Insta Dri's have wonky formulas like this and it is entirely possible I got a bad bottle. I will try thinning it a bit to see if it helps at all because the colour is super adorable!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pretty & Polished Swing! Swatch & Review

Hi everyone :)

Today I am showing you one of the first Pretty & Polished polishes I ever bought! :O This is Swing! I love love love the whole idea of this polish. Its a deep strawberry coloured red jelly base with white, silver, and black hexes in a couple of different sizes (some large!:D). I love jellies so much. I adore the look of some of the glitter (especially these glitters) being somewhat layered in the jelly polish so they are all at different depths :)

I think there must be a different version of Swing floating around too because some of the swatches I have seen have black micro-glitter which my bottle does not have. I purchased this back in late winter/early springtime for reference.

When I first opened up the bottle I found the polish to be quite "sticky" if that is even possible but I added a few drops of thinner (not too much or the glitter might not be able to suspend properly- learned this the hard way with a different jelly/glitter polish) and the texture of the polish was much much better. I bet rolling it in my hands to warm it up probably would have accomplished the same thing though :\ I did notice some slight settling of glitters in the bottle when it was on my shelf so I let this bottle sit upside down for a half hour and rolled it around/shook it up good before I applied it (this has become commonplace for me when using most glitters - just in case). Shown in this picture is three easy coats of swing without topcoat. Two was also a really cool look and I almost left it like that. Getting the glitters where I wanted them on the nail was very easy, no "dabbing" or "placing", just swiped the brush where I wanted them to go. None of the glitters (even the large ones) curled at all, they all stayed quite flat and didn't stick out of my topcoat when I added it later. Dry time was very good between coats and overall, speedy speedy! This polish also wore very well. I think I had it on for about 4 days with a few chips on the last day before I took it off. I also really really like the way it looks :]

And there we have it! Swing by Pretty and Polished! :) Chelsea sells her polishes on Etsy here (I suggest following her on FB for updates about sales if you want in) and her creations are also going to be available at Llarowe here later this week! :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mama Inspired Mani! Featuring OPI!

Good morning everyone! Work is going well today :) I am at the halfway point for this tour of work and that means I only have two more weeks left before I get to go home for a little rest & relaxation AKA nail painting! :]

This is actually the manicure I wore on Mother's Day but I am posting it now because a few days ago it was my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom :) I have been away for work for my mom's last THREE birthdays and it makes me very sad to have to spend her special day without her :( She is an amazing and inspiring woman, my best friend, and one of the kindest, strongest people I know. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for my mommy. I miss her lots when I am away! 

Her favourite polish of mine to borrow is OPI Mod About You because in her words because its "somewhat of a subtle colour but still fun!" so I did the latest "accent nails" trend. The rest of my fingers are OPI Mermaid Tears because her favourite colour is green and this is the polish she always swatches on her thumb and admires when she is standing in front of my polish shelves. I don't think I'll ever be able to get her to brave-up and wear it as a full mani though. 

Then since one of my moms favourite things is gardening and flowers, especially Lilys.. I stamped on these lily-esque flowers (I can't remember the plate right now- sorry! Will update when I do). As you can tell, I'm still new to stamping and definitely need some more practice!

And there you have it! My mommy inspired manicure. I think it suits her well and maybe one day soon when I get home I can do this on her nails for her :)

Also! This is the present I got for my mom! Its a necklace carved out of Ivory and soap stone by a man here in Nunavik. :) My mother is also really into birds so I hope she likes it :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Quick NOTD. Four Lead Clover goes Beyond the Mistletoe

Hi there :)
Today is quick a quick post to show what I added to yesterdays swatch post! I added Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe sponged on in a mediocre gradient.  It did add some nice holo sparkle but it didn't scream summer to me.. my brain was all like "Y U WEAR HOLIDAY POLISH IN JUNE?" so I didn't keep it on too long but I will definitely be using the Color Club glitters for gradients more often. It worked super well.

I'd like to apologize for the crappy picture quality :( My internet connection will not let me upload my large macros here at work :( It is so depressing. I'd also like to apologize for rambling etc.. work is really taking its toll on me. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be busy and making money.. but roughin' on the tundra and working 12 hours everyday in a split shift with 24 hour bright-ness can be really difficult to get accustomed to.

Anyway, have a great day :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover - Swatch

Hello hello hello!
Just a quickie today! 

Today I have a green polish from China Glaze.. its called Four Leaf Clover and that is the perfect name for it. Its super green, like the colour of a grassy clover, but brighter. Its darker and more green than my pictures make it look :( My camera couldn't capture its true beauty which is kind of upsetting!! The formula was good, this is two coats & top coat. One thick coat though and I could have gotten away with one! Next time Im going to do that.

*Also it should be noted that this polish stained my nails pretty bad so choose a good base coat*

It is available in the core colour selection at Sally's, and despite the staining I think it is worth picking up, especially if you like greens like me :]

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Badass but Girly Nails.. FT Orly, OPI & Rhinestones

Today I am showing off some nail art that I wore a couple of weeks ago when I still had the luxury of wearing nail polish.

My thumb, ring, and pinkie finger are OPI Metallic for Life. An awesome black jellyish polish stuffed with different sizes of silver hex glitters. It has a great formula (I did just one over a black black polish) and its incredibly sparkly. Then I got all trendy on myself. First trend that I was rockin' that day was the two accent nails.. I painted them with Orly Beach Cruiser, a great neon pink that covered pretty good in two coats, better in three. The second trend is the framed nails.. but I couldn't for the life of me paint it on very well so I gave up and used black rhinestones that I got from BornPretty! (I love Born Pretty). I used a coat of Gelous and then one by one stuck them on with a dotting tool dipped in top coat to make it tacky. It seemed like it might be tedious.. but I was watching modern family, and I was in a rhythm.. so it didnt take very long at all! After a coat of Gelous, and a coat of SV, they were stuck REALLY well on there. I was rough with my hands and I didn't lose any of them before I wanted to talk off the manicure (about three days total). The regular polish was chipping before those rhinestones had any wear & tear at all.

I think the rhinestones and the neon pink give the manicure a girly look, while the rhinestones being black and the black nails make it look kind of badass. I think the silver hex glitter tie it all together being both girly AND badass. Good on you silver hexes. I like that you can be flexible.

Anyway, it makes me a little sad to look at these pretty nails when mine are in such a horrid state. I miss them Hahaha. But work is going well! Woohoo!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink - Swatch

Herrooooo. Incredibly busy at work so this is an archived post hehe.. enjoy!

Today I'm showing off Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink. Another Doctor Who polish!! It is worth mentioning that Nerd Lacquer is not available anymore since the creator Amanda has disappeared from the nail polish scene....  but I like the polish, and I'm wearing it.. so I'm blogging about it. I hope Nerd Lacquer reappears soon. I still have some lemmings I need to squash.

I'm pretty sure Don't Blink is inspired by the scariest episode of Doctor Who ever. The one with the terrifying Weeping Angels. Ahh. Thinking about it even gives me the creeps. I won't say anything else so I don't spoil it on you if you ever want to watch it. 

Anyway, Don't Blink is the exact stone coloured grey of the Weeping Angels, Amanda did an incredible job with this colour. It is the perfect grey. Its full of circular charcoal (almost black) small round glitter and even smaller silvery-white micro glitter. There are some medium and larger silver hexes too. What I really love about this polish is that it manages to be pretty neutral while still being stunningly unique.

Perfect application. Here I am wearing two coats and topcoat. 

I am sending out my wishes that Amanda returns. I want more Nerd Lacquers. And for my follow Doctor Who fans.... whatever you do... Don't Blink.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wet n' Wild Stars and Stripes Swatch :)

Hi Everyone! I just want to say sorry if I am very distracted, rambling, and full of poor grammar lately and in the near future. I am working from 3:30AM to 9PM with a couple of short breaks for a whole month... so my brain is not at it's best. I am seriously lacking sleep and seriously overdosing on caffeine. 

AAnnnyywhooooo. Happy 4th of July to all of my American friend and readers! :)
I feel stupid that I had no Canada Day manicure (just a red polish) but I have a Fourth of July mani Hahaha. This is Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Stars and Stripes. I found it on a display at Lawtons Pharmacy for 1.99 with a bunch of "party" glitters in different colour combos that were reminiscent of "Party of Five Glitters". I only picked up this one though because for me it stood out next to the others.

Stars and Stripes is a clear base with holo string glitter, bar glitter, a small amount of microglitter, and star glitter. I have some other glitters with stars, and I also have some loose star glitter that sometimes I like to add to manicures.. but what I loved about this polish is the application. So easy to get stars on the brush. No digging. It was a nice little break from shaking. Lots of stars got on the nails super easily, with lots left in the bottle! It was also easy to get the stars to go exactly where they should.

Here is just one coat over China Glaze First Mate. The stars actually did not stick out and curl as much as I thought they would. There was some edges that stuck out a LITTLE bit but I did two coats of SV just to be safe and it was all smooth.

I think it was a great purchase and for 1.99 it is also a great deal! :] They should have one with maple leaves for Canada!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Just to let you know..

I LOVE Nerd Lacquer.. and if you are anything like me you should head on over to because she is giving away FOUR NERD LACQUERS. The things I would do for them... They are super hard to find (not being made anymore) and they are GORGEOUS.
Here is the link to the giveaway!
Now, head on over there and get yourself some entries!

Summertime Nails Of the Day! Orly Beachcruiser & Joe Fresh Fluo Blue!

Hello :) I'm so sleepy! I work insane hours when I am away for work. I want to take a nap :P

ANYWAY lets talk about polish! I did this mani a couple of weeks ago and for me, it was one of those manicures that was simple.. but that I was in love with. Nothing fancy, just bright, fun, and summery. Plus at the time my nails were long and healthy which now they are not :P Haha. Stupid work. Ruining my hands and blogging time haha

Anyway, this is Joe Fresh Fluo Blue & Orly Beach Cruiser done in that new trend where the accent nails are your pointer and middle finger. I like this trend, I like it a lot! Super fun.

Let me just say that I am getting A LOT of wear out of Orly Beach Cruiser this summer thus far. I've worn it.. more times than I can count. Good thing Orly bottles are big :D I also love Fluo Blue. It is not a neon but its very vibrant :D It has an ALMOST one coat smooth and easy to work with formula. If you do thick coats, you can get away with one for sure. It goes on smooth and very even. Its bright and fresh too. 

I also thought they looked perfect together. Really complimented each other well :] They both also wore quite well. I took it off with minimal tip wear on day three, and I was volunteering at the SPCA everyday playing in the dirt with dogs. Held up really well :)

*waves longingly to old long healthy nails*
*snarls at oddly shaped weak peeling excuses-for-nubbins*