Tuesday, 2 October 2012

FINALLY! The search is over, I've found my favourite nude, OPI My Very First Knockerwerst!

Hi everyone!

If you follow my blog you may have noticed that nudes look terrible on me. They all seem to clash with my skin tone making me have obvious red hands or corpse hands.. all that bad stuff. When I first saw swatches online of the OPI Germany Collection, Don't Pretzel My Buttons was getting most of the attention out of the nudes, but for me it was My Very First Knockerwerst that stood out. Pale nude (but not too pale) with just enough pink undertones to be flattering.

It covered nicely in two coats with a standard OPI creme formula. I find it looks subtle but clean and pretty.. like a nude should look on someone. It is definitely work appropriate, while being a little more feminine than a putty, taupe, or beige. I really really like this colour. It has moved up the rankings and is going to be my go-to nude palate cleanser. 

I can't gaurentee it'll look good on every skin tone, but if you are having trouble finding a good nude, I highly recommend this colour :)

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