Sunday, 21 October 2012

IM BACK! An explanation and a Crows Toes Cheshire Mani!

Hey polish people!

So sorry for my 2 week long hiatus. I got called away to work unexpectedly for 2 weeks and I was without a reliable internet connection in northern Canada. I was happy to get those 2 weeks since the season of my job is coming to an end so this was a pleasant last minute surprise! I love working, but I did miss my little blog :)

To make up for it, here is my favourite Crows Toes polish, Cheshire :) My most favourite purple glitter. I thik the best part of it is the splattering of gold sparkly hexes and the odd big matte purple hexes. There is also some holo little bits in there. It sparkles like crazy, I love it!

This is two coats over Zoya Suri. The formula on Cheshire is thick but not unmanageable, it may need some thinner soon. I am really happy with how it looks on, though :)

These pictures were taken before I left for work.. unfortunately, work DESTROYED my nails so you'll have to put up with seeing my nubbins for a couple of weeks :(

Either way though, I am glad to be back :)

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