Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nerd Lacquer The Quantum Bluniverse Swatch

Greetings fellow polish lovers!

Today I've got a full mani I wore when I got my Nerd Lacquer order last week. I've almost completed my "Library" of Nerd Lacquers. My polish budget isn't what it used to be though, so I am going to start having to be more choosey during restocks! Shipping prices are killin' me!

Anyway this is The Quantum Bluniverse. *Sigh* I have been lemming it for awhile now. It did not let me down. Its stunning. There is just something about that blue mixed with richer blue glitters, sprinkled with yellow gold and then the whole thing just GLOWS with golden shimmer. Its perfect! I've tried to fill the void I had in my life with other blue/golds but TBH they just don't cut the cake like this one does!

This description comes directly from Amanda at Nerd Lacquer "THE QUANTUM BLUNIVERSE is a deep cobalt with golden shimmer plus royal blue and gold glitter. It's young, it's hip, it's extremely clever, and man is it foxy. BRIAN COX, YOU GUYS. Omg."

Yeah she is hilarious and her descriptions always are amazing. Lovin' this one.

Thanks for reading! 

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