Sunday, 29 April 2012

a-England Tristam: My Hero!

First of all, hello :)
I finally found myself a little nest in the blogosphere because I want to share my nail polish hoarding with the interwebs and sort of use this blog as a reference for myself as well. I've thought about starting a nail blog for quite a long time and I finally took the plunge!

This is a-England's Tristam from The Mythicals collection. It is the perfect polish to be my first post because it is epic. I call this polish my hero because any day that I find myself hemming and hawing across my polish racks, being fickle and unreasonable.. Tristam always seems to call to me... PICK ME PICK ME, and I do, and I am never let down.

Tristam is a GORGEOUS deep true blue, with a scattered holographic finish that absolutely comes alive in the sunshine. Even when indoors with crappy lighting (aka my pictures), Tristam is stunning. I feel like I need to add a disclaimer here. It is dangerous to drive on a sunny day while wearing this polish, I almost ran a red light one time because I was too busy staring at my nails.

Okay, now that I have embarrassed myself, ON TO THE BEAUTY!!!!

The formula on this is perfect. Buttery smooth application and in these photos is just one thick coat and topcoat. ONE COAT!!! Mind. Blown. Also dry time was good too :) No wonder I never get let down, this polish is the bees knees. Period.

a-England polishes come from across the pond and you can visit the website here! Adina is the creative genius behind it all and the polishes that this company puts out are TO DIE FOR. Amazing quality, colours, and finishes. So far there are two creative collections with some spectacular polishes including other scattered holo finishes in unique shades. She offers free international shipping, and my packages always arrive VERY quickly. You can also find them here at Llarowe. She is a distributer with an amazing selection of polish brands and has great shipping prices. Check it out!

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