Monday, 30 April 2012

Nails Inc Baker Street - Swatch & Review

Holllaaaa polish people!

I was in the city over the weekend visiting some of my favourite people for some drinks and fun! Whenever I am in the city, I hit up sephora. I love it in there. Its dangerous though, I always leave with my wallet feeling way way way too light for my own good.

This time was definitely worth it though, I picked up my new favourite blue polish: Nails Inc Baker Street.

Baker Street is a true cobalt blue, none of that blurple stuff (not to my eye anyway!) It is a creme finish with a perfect two coat, self levelling formula. Its really great, I am very happy to add this baby to my polish family!

So pretty. It is very vibrant and pigmented and easy to work with even though I find the Nails Inc bottles sometimes a little awkward with the wider caps.

According to Nails Inc, this is a trend shade, which I am digging a lot because I have a lot of cobalt blues in my stash and I love being trendy by accident Haaaah :P But seriously, this is the king of all cobalt blues.

I got it at sephora for $10.00 :) Get it while the getting is good!


  1. looks fab! I wasn't sure about this to begin with because it's the same colour as my old school uniform (the horror!) but your swatches look great... may have to add this one to my collection!

    1. Thanks!! :D I totally know what you mean about some colours hitting a little too close to home haha I promise this one is totally awesome though :)