Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Joe Fresh Fluo Blue VS Essence Lets Get Lost! Comparison Post!


Comparison post day today :) This is Joe Fresh Fluo Blue VS Essence Let's Get Lost! Both are gorgeous vibrant blues leaning towards the aqua/turquoise end of the blue spectrum.

I'll let you guess which is which!

Index & Middle: Essence Lets Get Lost
Middle & Pinky: Joe Fresh Fluo Blue

Verdict: Not Dupes. Essence is just SLIGHTLY darker and just SLIGHTLY muted compared to the Joe Fresh. However when worn on its own it still appears bright and vibrant. Both formulas are awesome and its possible to get away with just one coat of both! Joe Fresh retails for 3/10 dollars and the Essence for 1.50.. Both bottles are on the smaller side with the Joe Fresh being a little bit bigger than the Essence.

I don't think you need both but you definitely need at least one! This colour is awesome and the great formula and price makes it EXTRA awesome :)

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