Friday, 14 September 2012

OPI Germanicure by OPI & Every month is Oktoberfest - Swatches & Comparison!!

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing off the two vampy shimmers of the OPI Germany collection for Fall 2012. I don't wear a lot of vampy colours but these do look perfect for the fall season, and the shimmer in them is pretty darn gorgeous.

First up is Germanicure by OPI. A blackened burgundy base with an intense orange toned red shimmer. Once again, this is super perfect for fall. The formula I found to be a little thin, but pretty pigmented. This is three coats, but two would have been fine. No topcoat, and photos were taken in my lightbox.

Second up to bat is Every Month is Oktoberfest. Gorgeous deep blurple base (which you can only see on the first coat, it is very blackened on the nail after two coats) and it has an intense red toned purpled shimmer. It is once again.. super perfect for fall. Formula was again a little thin, but pigmented. This was three coats, but it would have been fine with two. These pictures are without topcoat, and were taken in my lightbox.

Now when I was buying these.. I was like "Holy moly, these look similar in the bottle!" I kept having to pick them up to look at the names to see the difference. That, along with the fact that  they are both vampy shimmers.. I thought I would compare them.

Here they are in the bottles.
Every Month is Oktoberfest is on the left, and Germanicure by OPI is on the right.

Now on the nails!
Index & ring finer: Every Month is Oktoberfest
Middle and pinky: Germanicure by OPI

On the nail they are obviously different, but they're both gorgeous. It is justifiable to need both. I don't wear too many vampy colours but I really like these two. I think it is because the shimmer makes them look very glowy and they are both quite flattering :)

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