Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Polished Perfection Leapin' Lizards

Hello :) Just a couple more days left of work for me! In fact, depending on weather tomorrow will be my last full work day! Then I am just a chopper, float plane, shuttle drive, and two commercial flights to go! Then I will be back home to play with my polishes again! My nails have took quite a huge beating here at work though :'( I've been trying to keep my cuticles moisterized and my nails covered in at least SH Nail Miracle or OPI Nail Envy.. but its no match for the chemicals and water my hands are in all day! :(

Annnyywhoooo.... This is a polish I picked up in a blog sale! Polished Perfection Leapin' Lizards! Awesome name right? Well it is an awesome polish too.

Teal holo glitters in all different sizes of bars and hexes in a teal base! Oh and microglitter too! There is a LOT of teal and a LOT of holo going on in this polish! Application was flawless. The teal base really helped make the colour opaque at two coats and the glitter went on where it was supposed to, layed flat (even the bar glitter!), and no fishing was needed at all. I like that :)

Two coats and topcoat in these pictures :) Some were taken in the sun and the last one is indoors :)

I will wear this one a lot, I really liked it :) Hope you do too!

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