Saturday, 9 February 2013

Old School Sally Hansen Saturday! Nail Prisms Ruby Diamond Swatch

Happy Saturday everyone!

Is anyone else getting the snowstorm that I am? I am seriously NOT looking forward to getting out and shovelling the driveway for the 10th time :P It is a whiteout outside! 

Today I am showing off a swatch of an old Sally Hansen polish, Ruby Diamond. Sally Hansen really had some gems back in the day. The Nail Prism line had some awesome holographics, duochromes, multichromes, and layering polishes! 

Ruby Diamond is a warm pink linear holographic. Two coats would have been fine, but I did three. These pictures were taken indoors in natural light so it doesn't really show off its true beauty! It is much more holo in real life and in the sun :)

This polish is older, I think released in 2002 (don't quote me on that). Keep in mind this means it is not Big 3 free! However, it IS awesome. Sally Hansen really hit the nail on the head for polish lovers with the whole Nail Prisms line. I think they are getting back on track with trends now as well with the release of their new lustre shine sparkly duochromes!

Thanks for reading and if you are in the middle of the big storm like me, stay inside and stay safe :)

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