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Pure Nail OIl by Anna Seidel of Simple Nail Art Tips Review!


I've had this post written up for a couple weeks now! Can't believe I didn't hit the publish button!

Today I'm talking nail care. I'm a part of an awesome Facebook group where I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing girls and women, just as obsessed with nails as I am! While in the group I noticed some of the girls (Erica from 
Erica's Nails & More & Shea from Omg Wait, What Polish Is That?) raving about a new-to-me product called Pure Nail Oil. To my surprise, it was made by a fellow member! Anna from Simple Nail Art Tips! She knows her stuff when it comes to nail care and even developed her own nail and cuticle oil!

It's called Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil and it hydrates and moisturizes your nails and cuticles and greatly improves their health and appearance.

After seeing the results from Erica & Shea and browsing Anna's website, Simple Nail Art Tips (Anna's before and after pictures sealed the deal for me!) I purchased the starter kit.

The starter kit comes with a 2ml pen applicator (super awesome for in your purse, car, or office desk) & a 15ml bottle in the scent "Crisp". Anna also included some scent samplers so we can see what smells she is cooking up for the future!

The starter kit comes with instructions. The first three days are "hydration" days. First you take off ALL THE POLISH. Yep, you've gotta get naked. You apply the oil to your nails, behind your nails free edge, cuticles, and fingers down to your first knuckles. Massage the oil in and let your dry fingers, nails and cuticles soak it all up. When you notice its soaked in, apply more. Do this often, especially after washing hands, showering, etc. Do this for three days, and then you can move on to a twice a day application (& most importantly, put your polish back on!)

Anna is so confident in her product, she even gives out the recipe because she sincerely has nothing to hide, believes in her product, and she wants your  business. (Lets face it here, who has time, money, or equipment to be mixing up oil blends when we have no idea what were doing?) Here it is the recipe directly from her website, Simple Nail Art Tips:

  • 4 oz Jojoba Oil
  • 4 oz Grape Seed Oil
  • 4 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 3 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 mL Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 mL Vitamin A Oil
  • 2 to 4 mL Essential Oil (depending on the strength of the essential oil.)
Jojoba oil is the smallest oil molecule and can actually penetrate the nail plate, moisturizing and hydrating them. Anna mentions that dry nails break, and hydrated nails bend. I can attest to that. I have dry nails and they snap off like crazy, especially at their corners.

Since I know polish is responsible for the majority of strength in my nails, I filed them down a bit so the wouldn't experience too much stress and breakage without their polish protection. I then went nakey nakey for three days and followed the directions. Here is my before and after the three day hydration treatment!

  • Smells very nice. Subtle, not overpowering, but very nice. Everyone in my family liked the smell. I also loved her scent sampler for Winter! I'll be purchasing it when it comes out.
  • The pen made application VERY easy and convenient. I carted it around with me and it was easy to sort of paint on the oil. There was also no risk of spilling & you could get exactly the right amount on your fingers. Ana also has instructions for refilling the pen on her webpage, which is awesome.
  • Felt calming to my skin immediately. Pleasant and enjoyable to use.
  • I loved that it came with directions.
  • I loved that there was enough oil in the order to last not just through the 3 day hydration, but this amount will last me a nice amount of time.
  • My hangnails are completely gone. I don't have any to speak of anymore.
  • It immediately moisturized my nails and softened my cuticles. My fingers just sucked in the oil (they must have been thirsty). The oil didn't "linger" on my skin. It did its job!
  • My cuticles are no longer (sorry about this) crusty, or overgrown. They are behaving!
  • The almost calloused hard bits of skin on the sides of my fingernails from working with my hands are softened and almost gone!
  • Cuticles are not splitting anymore. In fact they have healed right up and are looking smoother and healthier.
  • The skin around my fingernails is no longer red or inflamed. It is looking much more calm. Inflamed skin around the fingernails has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. I am overjoyed that it is finally going away!
  • The skin on my fingers is actually smoother. It looks less wrinkly/puckered and it is certainly not dry and flaky anymore. Its like they had been dried up before, and now they are hydrated and plump like they should be.
  • I may just be super obsessed with this oil, but I swear this is more growth than normal for me. It looks like the nail growth is not only more, but of healthier nail. The colouring of the nail is so much better.
    • Note: I've since learned from Anna that oil doesn't actually help the nail grow faster, but it can hydrate the nail so there is less brittle breakage off the tips, thus giving the illusion of a faster growing nail. This is what I experienced. And it is awesome.
  • My nails are much more flexible. They have been bending instead of cracking and snapping off at the corners. They aren't peeling or splitting anymore either. My nails used to peel off in sheets or split vertically which was VERY inconvenient and sometimes very painful. They aren't doing this anymore though!
Overall, I definitely give this a buy. It did exactly what Anna claims it will do. I really liked using it. I like the smell, I like the feeling of it on my fingers, and I like that it did its job. When I run out, I will definitely be purchasing more. My job and life is hell on my hands and cuticles and this oil actually stands up to it and is improving the appearance and health of my nails and cuticles. Colour me very impressed with this product. Thank you to Anna for creating something that can actually stand up to my unruly fingernails and cuticles!

I'll will be continuing to use Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil twice a day and will update its effects on my nails in a post in the future.

You can buy Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil directly from Anna at her webpage, Simple Nail Art Tips 
HERE. The starter kit retails for $24, as does the refill kit! Shipping is free in the US and VERY reasonable worldwide. Anna also has exceptional customer service and does everything in her power to keep her customers happy. You can also check her out on her facebook page, Simple Nail Art Tips Facebook Page.

Thanks to Anna for creating such a great product! :) xo!

*All products in this review were purchased by me. These opinions are my own*

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  1. This is such a great post! What a thorough review! ....and you're welcome sweetie. I'm so happy to have created a life changing product. Who knew a year ago that so many people would have the same amazing results I had? Huggs!