Friday, 25 January 2013

Deborah Lippman Swagga Like Us Swatch & Stamping!

Happy Friday!

Today I have pictures of Deborah Lippmann's Swagga Like Us. This polish has a special place in my heart because it was a Christmas gift from one of my closest and kindest friends. I'll call her V. She hasn't seen my collection but managed to get me a polish that is gorgeous, perfect with my skin tone, suits my personality, and last but not least... I did not already own it! That is quite a feat considering I am teetering over 500 in my collection. 

Here is the picture i posted to Instagram to show her how much I love it. If you have instagram, please feel free to follow me at caitcrawf23 :)

DL Swagga Like Us is a green/gold duochrome polish (read: Chanel Peridot dupe) & I really love it against my skin tone. It applied nicely, sort of like a chrome or metallic finish polish would and needed only two coats for opacity. It did show some imperfections on my nails, so if you have ridges like me, a base coat or a light buffing really makes application more smooth. I also REALLY love the name of this polish, reminds me of my friend, V, and the song... "no one on the corner have swagga' like usssss" Haha :)

GAH. Look at that ding on my pinky. Don't worry I fixed that up after I saw these pictures. This picture was taken still tacky and pre-topcoat and you can see a few brushstrokes. The picture below was taken AFTER topcoat and shows its real finish better.

Sigh. I really like how this turned out on me. Its flattering on my skintone and after topcoat does have a chrome like feel. Not like Layla chromes but a sparkly chrome look, if that makes sense.

& then I decided to practice my stamping skills. I was brave & attempted a full nail leopard design with Wet 'n Wild Black Creme. It could be more "clear" but I think it turned out well. I liked it so much I added rhinestones wore it as a full manicure :)

I'm very happy with this polish and manicure! I want to send happy vibes and hugs to my bff V for gifting me this beauty :) Thanks V!

Thanks for reading!

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