Thursday, 31 January 2013

Layla Emerald Divine Swatch


When I saw that Layla came out with more holos a couple of months ago, I couldn't resist this green. Its what I imagine Nubar Reclaim would be if I could ever find it in stock anywhere. Haha.

This is Emerald Divine. While not as holo as Mercury Twilight or Flash Back, the colour is much more deep and intense. It really is a stunning green. Don't get my wrong, it's VERY holographic, just not as in-yo-face as the silver or black. Its much more holo than my pictures are usual. There wasn't any sunshine so these were taken inside.

This is three coats, floated on gently to avoid pulling baldy patches. The first picture is inside and the second picture is with flash!

I dig this colour. Im a big fan of greens and I like that this is holo but still retains a lot of deep colour. The formula is bitchy but you get used to it like the rest of the Layla holos.

Thanks for reading!

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