Monday, 21 January 2013

Duri Don't Think Twice & Glitzology Island of Misfit Toys


Today I am showing you two polishes that make up my manicure.

First.. the undies which is just one coat of Duri Don't Think Twice. To me, Duri is such an underrated brand. Every one I have tried so far has been flawless and I really think they need more attention as a brand. Get on the marketing bandwagon Duri because your product rocks. This polish is what would happen if you crushed up  lavender and mixed it with wet cement and let it dry. Its a perfect grey with slight purple undertones. It has one coat coverage and great application. I love it.

Then I added one coat of Glitzology Island of Misfit Toys. I had to have this polish for a number of reasons
1. The name is awesome. 
2. Intense shimmery base that sparkles like crazy.
3. Square matte glitter in rainbow colours :)
I love the idea and the execution of this one. I had no trouble getting the glitter out of the bottles or onto the nail. It applied really nicely. Great polish.

You can find Duri at Winners in Canada (but they are always late with their collections) & also at & Glitzology is made by Stacy on Etsy :) She usually has some good sales & has a ton of selection. Check her out!

Thanks for reading :)

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