Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My picks *so far* from NOPI's Modern Family Collection! & A Surprise Gradient.


Today I am showing you the two polishes I allowed myself to pick up from the Modern Family Collection by Nicole by OPI. I am OBSESSED with Modern Family. Almost to the point of being unhealthy. I could probably recite every single line from every episode. I watch it every night before bed. I just love it a lot so I had to pick up just a couple to show my support for the show.

My Shoppers Drug Mart only had 1/2 of the collection, so I am thinking I might take another peek next week and maybe get a few more. I don't usually buy NOPI because I don't like the bottle shape all that much. I know that sounds superficial, but once you've got about a centimetre of polish gone, the shape makes it really hard to get the polish out. You need two hands to tip the bottle to reach the polish with the brush.

Enough rambling.

First up: Back In My Gloria Days
Red toned (almost magenta) purple with matching microglitter (large particle shimmer?). Much more red toned and a little lighter than my pictures. My camera hates purple. Its a very pretty polish. Flattering and flashy, just like Gloria. I needed three coats for opacity, as it was a little thin and sheerish.

Second to bat: Whats the Mitch-uation?
Deeeeep blue shimmer. Blackened almost on the ends with a glowing centre. Is it too similar to OPI Tomorrow Never Dies? No because it is a bit more cool toned with no hints of purple. Unfortunately I didn't like the formula on this one at all. Quite sheer and draggy. Definitely need to wait a few minutes between coats to get it to behave. But if your patient, the end result is really pretty and rich.

 I decided these colours would be perfect to practice my gradient skills since they were sheer and build-able and similar in finish. Here is my attempt:

Not perfect, but I am getting better. Then I went overboard and added some silver stamping & rhinestones. Too much? I think so. But good practice for stamping though!

That is all for today! Thank you for reading!


  1. I love that gradient! The colors work perfectly together. I keep buying NOPIs but I don't care for their brush so I never use them... Oh the life of a polish addict.

    1. Thank you! I do the same thing with NOPI.. they don't get very used and are pretty up there in price for a drugstore brand! Life of a polish addict indeed!