Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Picks from the Desserts d'Antoinette by Lime Crime

Herroh polish people!

Today I am showing you the two polishes I picked from Lime Crime's Dessert d'Antoinette Collection. This collection was right down my alley, super bright pastel colors. I know right? That description doesn't even make sense. But it is true and that is why I like them I guess!

A few things to note about this line:
-They come in VERY cute purple and white boxes with unicorns and bows... that I don't have a picture of, sorry.
-The bottles are frosted glass with the Lime Crime Logo and the names are on a black label on the bottom with a cute logo.
-They are slightly smaller than your average polish at 9ml and retail for 5.99 on the Lime Crime website, a few of which are sold out right now. They only ship within the US though. But you can also find them at Harlow & Co & KarmaLoop which both happily ship to Canada.
-They don't dry to a really shiny finish, not matte, but not uuuber shiny. They need topcoat if you want a lot of gloss.

My first pick was Milky Ways. A vanilla off-white creme. Its slightly warm toned and pulls to the yellow side of off-white on my skin. I like it because it is in the white family but without being straight up white. Formula wise I heard amazing things and that is was a two coater, but I needed three to even everything out. Not a terrible thing, but worth mentioning.

My other pick was Peaches <3 Cream. A bright pastel peach. If you follow my blog, you know why I needed this one. It is THE cantaloupe colour I have been searching for!! I originally thought I found "this" colour when I tried Julep Hayden, but I was wrong.. THIS is the perfect cantaloupe polish. It just didn't exist when I was originally looking for it! This is two coats and I love it! My sister really loves it, which I am thrilled about because she was the original reason I was looking for a polish this colour.

After seeing swatches of the other colours from other bloggers, I now realize I also need Lavendairy, Once in the Blue Mousse, and Pastelchio. And possibly.. Ok no. I need the rest of them. I really like them.

Overall thoughts:
Awesome colours, good price, decent formula. I think these are a win!

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