Friday, 9 November 2012

Amanda from NL is back

Hey polish people!

Those of you who know me know my favourite and most coveted bottles of polish were made by the very talented Amanda from NL. I have 14 bottles of her polish, and I love each and every one of them. Then as most of you probably know, she disappeared. Her shop disappeared off etsy, stocks depleted, Google+ page inactive. No one could find her. And trust me, many people looked. Her last etsy update had let her customers know that life was hectic for her due to a big move and taking care of her mother, who had been ill. Months passed. People still wondered. Even more months passed. People were paying 100+ dollars for a bottle of her polish. I admittedly payed stupid amounts of money for three of those bottles to complete my Star Wars and Star Trek series. Somehow though I had a feeling she would be back. People questioned why she disappeared.. if NL was all a scam of if something bad had happened to her. But there was love and inspiration in her creations, not just glitter tossed in a bottle. I really believe she loved creating polish that other people loved just as much. She had always been fabulous at customer service and always went the extra mile when I ordered from her. And that is why I was scared that something truly horrible had to have happened for her to just vanish. Although I hoped it was not anything that she couldn't come back from.

Anyway, this is not my story to tell.
Read it from Amanda herself, she is back. And she is right here:

I just want to extend my support to Amanda. I can't imagine what she has been through. I send her strength and I truly wish her all of the best. I want to let her know I'll still be a loyal customer. I also want to commend her for her courage. I can't imagine how difficult things were and are for her in this last year and to be able to come back & share her story with our community is commendable. I think most people would have hidden, too overwhelmed to face the reality of the situation. But Amanda didn't, even with everything that has happened, and I think that is something to applaud.

Anyway, I missed her, and I am happy she is back. I can't wait for Nerd Lacquer to be back too.

I'll leave you with a picture of the first NL that I tried, and the one that got me hooked :) Hyperspace Bypass!

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