Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gradient Fail!!!!!

Hello everyone!!

Today I am showing you a gradient manicure fail. Okay, so I usually pride myself in my glitter gradients. I think I am pretty good at doing them! But just colour gradients... WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? It is difficult!! There is definitely a learning curve to this technique. But I told myself I was going to post my fails as well as my trimumphs on this nail art adventure! So here is it!

I saw a couple tutorials and I went with the Make up sponge technique. I used Color Club Poptastic and American Apparel Neon Violet and sponged away over a white base. First let me say, I got polish EVERYWHERE. Clean up was not fun. And I used chapstick around my fingers to try and make it easier but I think the chapstick got on the sponge and then the polish wouldn't stick to the nail. I ended up with this incredibly messy, translucent, grainy pink/purple thing. Lookin' a little weird, right?

I think I need some practice!!!!
Thanks for reading :)

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