Thursday, 29 November 2012

OPI Ogre The Top Blue Swatch

Happy Thursday!

Today I am wearing a blue that I have been hunting for quite some time. This is Ogre The Top Blue from the Shrek Forever After Collection. In my opinion, it is the perfect shade of medium blue. I found the whole collection on ebay for a reasonable price surprisingly from a wonderful seller who included a bunch of fun extras. I would recommend buying from her. Her ebay name is gunnyg1.

The formula was on the thin side for me, but not unmanageable. Two coats would have been fine for a manicure but I did three for photos. I love the color. This is without topcoat so you can see it dried creamy, smooth and shiny. I also found it flattering against my skin, which is not always the case with blues for me. I am very happy with the color, it definitely lived up to my expectations and I think it will move up in the rankings of my most-worn blues.

Thanks for reading :)

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