Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Julep Leah! Swatch :)

Happy Sunday!

Today I am sporting Julep Leah. I was looking for this polish for quite a while. I am not a Julep Maven, so I would have to pay full price for their polish and I cant justify spending $14 dollars on 7ml. So I hunted blog sales until I finally found it for $4! What a great buy that was!

Julep Leah is a bright grass green with shimmer! The shimmer isn't in your face or anything but its noticeable, and quite pretty. I needed three coats to get it smooth and opaque but I think if I had of done thicker coats, two might have been okay. I did have a little bubbling so next time I will try and keep it to two coats. I have noticed with Julep polishes that when I am painting, polish often drips off the top of the brush onto me or the surface I am painting on. I think it is because the tall shape of the bottle.

I really like the end look of the polish though. Green is one of my favorite colors and this shade didn't disappoint.

Have a nice day :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. Amazing color!! New post on my blog, I wait you =)