Friday, 18 May 2012

Nail-Venterous Floam - Swatch

It's mine....... my own... my precious.....

This is how I feel about owning Nail-Venterous' Floam finally! Hahaha I've just been lemming it for so long that it is hard to believe its finally mine!! :D I stalked the hell out of Ninja Polish to get this bad boy!

Floam the nail polish really does look exactly like Nickelodeon Floam, the modelling-mold-toy-stuff that I played with as a kid in the 90's. In my opinion it was way cooler than play dough but equally as frustrating when it got stuck in the living room carpet.

Its got small non-reflective (matte) turquoise and neon greenish yellow glitter! Its pretty thick and dense but spread nicely around on my nail. All I needed was two coats to get it opaque enough for me! It does dry matte (which I love), but also quite gritty. But I wore it without topcoat anyway to keep the look like actual floam!

Anyway, here are a ton of pictures of Floam! I really love it!!!!

I got my precious floam from Ninja Polish for 9 dollars! I was signed up for email updates and I get my emails to my phone so I was able to get on quick enough to snag a bottle! I would suggest signing up for email updates because it sells out quickly!! 

Here is what Floam was if it wasn't from your time:

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