Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pretty & Polished Etsy Nail Mail :)

Today I got some awesome nail mail from "Pretty & Polished". I am sooooo excited to try these out! Look at the pretties!

That awesome looking reddy jelly on the left is Swing! See that black glitter in there?!?!?! Love.

The one on the right that looks EXACTLY like the jawbreakers that I used to covet when I was in Jr High is aptly named Jawbreaker. So great.

These bad boys from left to right are: Wine Night Out (SO excited to see what it looks like on the nail!!), Party on my Yacht (So cute, I see yellow glitter!!), and Boy Crazy (BLUE HEARTS and pink diamonds!)

I actually can't wait to use these!! And I can't wait to order more :)

She sells here on etsy & click here for info about pre-ordering!

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