Thursday, 10 May 2012

Orly Dark Shadows, Mysterious Curse! Swatch & Review


Orly just put out a new collection inspired by the Tim Burton remake movie called Dark Shadows. Dark shadows was originally a goth soap opera from way back when, and I was super stoked to hear Johnny Depp would be portraying Barnabas Collins. Im actually excited about Michelle Pfeiffer too! I think its going to be one of those melodramatic movies that some people hate... but I think it will be awesome!!
I love Johnny Depp so much ever since I was a little girl and would watch Edward Scissor Hands on repeat for hours and hours, and Benny and Joon is in my top 5 favourite movies EVER so the collector inside me NEEDED a "Johnny" polish to covet and cuddle with at night time.

Orly came up with four shades, but I pretty much had dupes for the all the others so I really couldn't justify buying all of them. (My inner hoarder will probably go back next week and pick up the rest of them).

The one I did pick was Mysterious Curse. I'm pretty sure it is purple(??), but in some lights it looks blue too(??)! Its one of those odd purple/blue - blurple shades, and I love it. Its a dark dark base, with an INTENSE visible almost all the time beautiful strong blue shimmer! Its so pretty!!!

These next two are more in the shade, and show the base colour pretty well!

Overall the formula was alright! Somewhat goopy but two coats was all I needed! I really like this polish. It doesn't scream summertime to me but it definitely screams dark shadows to me, and I like that. I'll be wearing it when I go see the movie :)

Here is the trailer for the movie if you're interested in watching it!

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