Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dandy Nails Colorblind - Swatch & Review


Today I have a special one to show you! This is Colourblind by Dandy Nails! She is an Etsy seller with some awesome polishes! I've experienced very good customer service as well as fast shipping :)

Its uniformly sized black and white hex glitter in a clear base. Its EXTREMELY packed with glitter but spreads really easily on the nail. Application was easy peasy, there is no digging or fishing for glitter at all. I love that. There seems to be an equal amount of black and white which I think makes it really special and awesome  :)

I put it over GOSH Blue Balloon because I thought the black and white glitter would look really good against this medium toned blue, and it definitely does. It just occurred to me now that it would look even better over a red!!!! It seems kind of obvious now.. why didn't I realize that until I am writing this right now? That is next on my to-try list :)

This is just one coat. I did sort of float the glitter on a bit just so I could get it exactly where I wanted it. I really love this polish and am going to sport it often!


Artificial Light
Ohhh I love it. Black and white glitter makes me swoon.

Dandy Nails is the brand, and she has some awesome polishes at her shop on Etsy. Tune in here to get the deets :) Another thing I would like to add is that unlike a lot of polishes from indie brands that I bought, Dandy Nails has all the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle. I really like that. It is nice to know you always have the option of knowing what is in your polish at a glance! :)

Overall impression: Me likey everything about all of this.


  1. Ooh my gooooooood, why doesn't she ship to Italy?
    You have no idea how much I envy you :)

    1. It really is an awesome polish!
      I noticed quite a few companies/indies don't ship to Italy! :( I always wondered why!! Is it a customs thing?? ..and I thought Canada had it bad.

    2. Yes sometimes there are some issues.. Last week they seized the Revlon whimsical that I had bought at a blog sale :( but instead of worrying about one bottle of nail polish they should worry about all the people that crosses the border with drugs! Strange country..
      Anyway, I don't think I'll see poor whimsical anymore..

    3. That is so sad!! Nail polish is hardly a dangerous product to cross country borders :(

    4. Ahah somebody should tell the Italian customs ;)
      The problem is that I have other 2 or 3 orders on my way, and I wouldn't want those being seized too :/
      Thank you for support :)