Monday, 21 May 2012

Orly Neons For Summer 2012! Swatches & Review


I was in my local Sally Beauty and I was blinded by some awesome neons from Orly! I only picked up two, but the two colours are SOO down my alley.

Orly Beach Cruiser- A very neon blue toned pink! This is two coats over one coat of OPI Alpine Snow, and it dries to a semi-matte or satin finish. I have on topcoat in these photos. I have a lot of neon pinks and it isn't necessarily unique, but its very pretty and I go through neon pinks so quickly, that I needed another. The formula was good, not too goopy and not too thin. My camera couldn't actually capture the neon, this shade really is bright!

Up next is Glowstick, Literally it is the perfect name. At first I thought it might be a dupe for my American Apparel Neon Yellow, but its actually got a little bit more green taking it out of "yellow highlighter" territory and into the exact colour of one of those glow sticks I used to bust open with my teeth when I was a kid. Formula was really good for a neon, and a yellow. This is three coats over one coat of OPI Alpine Snow. Probably could have gotten away with two but I was rushing and had some user error. It was not goopy, or runny. I was actually really impressed. This colour is straight down my alley too, I love it and have already worn it a few times. Very happy summer colour:)

This one is in the sun!

This one is in the shade! Cool right?
Hope you like them as much as I do! Perfect for summer I can see me wearing them a lot!

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