Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker - Swatch

Herro herro!

Here is another beauty of Pretty & Polished! Its called Jawbreaker and it actually resembles those huge candy balls that took a week and a half to nom on when I was a kiddo.

Its a white base with multicoloured glitter (blue, red, green, purple & yellow).The glitters are mostly hexes and micro glitters but there are also green bar glitters and red squares too! The red squares didn't want to come out and play for me but the rest of the glitter came out really easily! 

I was really surprised because this is only two coats on its own, for a white its really opaque. It gives the look of a glitter sandwich all on its own with some of the glitter being on top and some being buried in the base! Its so cool :) The formula was a little thick, but thats not surprising because of how much glitter is in there. I figure it might need some thinner after a few more manis.

EDIT here is a way better picture of Jawbreaker:

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