Thursday, 17 May 2012

Comparison Post! Lynnderella Connect the Dots VS Cover Band Sticks & Stones

Hello polish people!

Today I am comparing two very unique polishes: Lynnderella Connect the Dots and Cover Band Sticks & Stones.

Muchos drama surrounded the creation that is Sticks & Stones. It tries to "impersonate" the infamous and hard to get a hold of Lynnderella Connect the Dots. To be honest though, Sticks & Stones is tricky to get a hold of too.

They are both unique black and white glitters with about equal black to white in a variety of sizes of hexes, bars, and squares. Both have an iridescent-ish shimmer and a clear base.

I thought it might be a difficult comparison with all of the different possibilities of glitter that could randomly come out on the brush, especially when just looking at the bottle because different colour and shaped glitter are all stuck to the sides.

I put them over OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips! I'm not going to say which polish is on what fingers until the end, and you see if you can guess.

To the untrained eye: Whatever they're the same.
To us polish fanatics: Clearly Connect the Dots is on the index and ring finger, and Sticks and Stones is on the pinky and middle finger.

-The shimmer is much more prominent in Connect the Dots
-Black and white microglitters are more abundant in Connect the Dots
-There are different sizes (shapes?) of microglitter in Connect the Dots.
-The microglitter in Sticks & Stones are less abundance but slightly larger, more like mini glitters and are all circles. I find it almost looks a little more cartoony, but also gives the polish a more simple look than CtD.
-Coverband retails for 9 dollars, while the Lynn goes for 15 dollars.
-You can sign up for email updates to purchase Sticks and Stones from Ninja Polish where it is a bit of a race to purchase, while Lynnderella is currently only available through the wishlist system by Llarowe.

Both covered about equally. Sometimes the Lynderella needs two coats to give me the look I want while the Coverband is almost always fine with one coat (in amount but more in glitter variety).

To be honest... I needed both. I bought Sticks & Stones as a backup to my Lynn because I found myself wanting to conserve the glitter. I know, it's a little sad but it's true. I'll let you all make up your own minds. What do you think? Do you need both?

& Here is a shot of Kiss Me On My Tulips on its own! Two easy coats of a very nice pink :) 

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