Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ninja Polish Nail Mail!!

I got some Nail Mail from Ninja Polish today and it is very very exciting!!

On the left is Sticks and Stones - A supposed dupe for Lynnderella Connect the Dots. I've got Connect the dots too so I'll have to do a comparison! The only bottle difference I can see is that the iridescent-ish shimmer is a little weaker in the S&S bottle. I pretty much bought this because I have a hard time using CtD unless it is a special occasion and this will help me get the look without feeling so guilty.... Wow I'm a sad human.

On the right is Floam!! I've been wanting it for months now and I'm so happy I snagged it! It really does look like Nickelodeon Floam! :D Can't wait to try it!

Both of the polishes I got were pretty much pure luck and what I like to think is an advantage of having a smartphone. I signed up for email updates, and I got them to my phone. My phone hardly ever leaves my side. I just happened to be home when I got the email so I raced to my computer! Following Ninja Polish on FB is a good idea if you're in the market for these babies because they update readers frequently! I've had really good experiences with Ninja Polish, good customer service and very fast shipping (and good shipping prices) to Canada!

So long for now :D

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