Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pretty & Polished Boy Crazy


Pretty and Polished Boy Crazy is a sheer blue jelly base with blue heart glitter, pink diamond glitter, and random purplely\pink medium sized hex glitters.

For this NOTD I used NARS Kutki as a base, then one coat of HITS hefesto, (holo top coat), and then two-ish coats of boy crazy. The pink diamonds came out abundantly but I did find myself digging a bit for the hearts.

Now that I've got boy crazy on my nails, I shall go out and hunt some boys. Jk. Kind of.
I wish I got a full sized bottle, its pretty unique and VERY pretty! I wish my nails were in better condition but I would rather blog and have fun than wait for "perfect" nails!

For info on ordering visit her etsy page here!

& Also, speaking of boy crazy... this is one of the little guys I am crazy over right now! His name is rudolph and hes about 8 years old. He is one of the dogs I walk at the SPCA and is such an amazing little guy. Send out some good vibes that he'll find a forever home soon <3

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