Saturday, 26 May 2012

All That Glitters Hole Hearted - Swatch & Review

Hello :)

Today is all about All That Glitters Hole Hearted. Ever since I saw it swatched online I knew it had to be mine, and the stalking began. I creeped the All That Glitters Etsy shop and Facebook page for about two weeks before it was finally mine. I waited with baited breath for it to arrive at my door (along with some other goodies).

Anyway, Hole Hearted is a really really cute idea for a polish. Its small and medium sized black hex glitters, and larger white heart glitters in a clear base. Today I layered it over OPI Pink Friday and my suspicions were confirmed. It is adorable in person too. Ugh black and white glitter is totally my weakness, I love the combo so much, especially with hearts. Double win. Win all day long!

The first time I tried to use this baby I almost gave up because I couldn't get any hearts!! The black hexes were coming out just fine but the hearts were elusive and hiding from me at the bottom. Then I realized I was an idiot, and I tipped the bottle upside down while I made lunch. When I came back, the hearts were much easier to grab. I just tilted the bottle and scooped them out on the brush. Much easier, and quick too :) I was once again a happy girl.

Here are some pictures :)

Ugh, this is so cute it almost hurts. I love the look so much. I kept this on for almost a week I loved it so much. Next time I shall put it over a red! <3 :D


  1. This looks so nice on you!!! It has to be mine!
    I'm a new follower :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm glad you like it! I think it is such a cute polish :)
      Thanks for following!! I just followed your blog too :D I love adding more blogs to my reading list :)

    2. Ooh I just bought it! Lets hope it arrives safely to Italy :)

    3. :D Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!!