Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Layla Retro Pink - HOLO! Swatch & Review


Today I am showing off one of my favourite linear holos - Retro Pink! Last month Layla cosmetics really listened to my nail polish prayers and put out an entirely linear holographic collection! I picked up four of the shades and today I chose the pink :)

These pictures are three CAREFUL coats and no topcoat. I have heard rumours that topcoat dulls the holographic finish and to be honest, I was too scared to try it because I love the holo so so much! Some day I will see if I can myth-bust that rumour though!


These were taken in my bedroom and simply cannot do this polish justice. Outside it was simply spectacular!

The pink shade is sort of softer and more feminine and then the rainbows slam into you like a unicorn! So awesome!

I will say this though, application is a bitch. I've been trying a million different base coats etc and have managed to find a couple ways to make it a bit easier. 

First, if you dont have an aqua base like I dont.. I find its easiest to use a topcoat as a base coat, one like Seche Vite or Sally Hanson Insta-Dri that leaves a really smooth finish (will hide all nail imperfections and give you a smooth starting point). 
Second, I almost float the nail polish on instead of applying a lot of pressure and letting the brush fan out. When the brush fans out, it leaves bald patchy areas.
Third, let your coats dry COMPLETELY.

Also, wear time.... I don't want to bring any negativity to the polish but wear time is not good. Maybe it is because I don't use a top coat with these, but they don't last me more than a day.. day and a half before they are chipped.. especially if I wash my hair or do the dishes or something like that. Boo :(

Now that I got that all off my chest, I will say: ITS WORTH IT. These make for a spectacular manicure even if it is only for a day. Perfect special occasion shade, especially if its sunny out! Now look at the rainbows again so you forget the bad stuff :)

You can pick up Layla cosmetics from their website here, but keep in mind it is mostly in Italian.. translating becomes an issue. You can also pick them up at one of my favourite websites, Harlow & Co where they carry tons of awesome brands as well. Where I live (Canada) you can see them floating around most Shoppers Drug Marts, and Lawtons drugs for $15.00! 

Pssst. Layla is coming out with a new "mirror effects" collection, AKA CHROME!!! Real chrome looking not foils!!! And from what I've seen from swatches thus far.. we are all in for a very nice treat.

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