Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I just heard the news.. OPI Mod About You is discontinued?? Can anyone confirm this for me? It makes me very sad.

Reasons why it makes me sad:
-It's the prettiest pale milky pink without being chalky or stark.
-It's sooo opaque and pigmented for being such a light colour.
-Two coats is perfect.
-Actually looks good on my skin tone.
-Perfect springtime colour.
-Quick glossy drying.

My bottle is slightly goopy because it's very old, I need to add some thinner to it maybe, but its got self levelling goodness so it doesn't matter much :)

As tribute to this lovely colour, here is a picture :)

I wonder why they would discontinue it? I literally have no dupes and I have a LOT of light pinks but this one.. with its slight blue tone and highly pigmented forumla?? Me likey.

 ***EDIT MAY 29th: OPI Facebook'ed today about how Mod About You would be perfect to wear in the Summer.. and I don't think they would promote something they weren't making anymore. Also, its still showing in the "Try It On" pink section of their website here!!  I haven't seen it in the core colour selection at any drug stores but I am going to see if I can track it down in some other places (salons, beauty specific stores, etc) and I will update if I find it!***

***EDIT AUGUST 8TH. FOUND. OPI MOD ABOUT YOU. I found it on one of two large displays at a beauty supply store called Glamour with lots left in the rack! This store was located in Atlantic Canada but I think it is a chain! They also carry Zoya and Misa and Essie, etc I was stoked to find a backup bottle of Mod About You but also somewhere in Atlantic Canada that sold Zoya!!!!! Exciting day in Nail Polish World!!!!***


  1. You're not the only one wondering the same thing! I have been searching every OPI display for this color and can't find it anywhere! Glad to hear they aren't discontinuing it but I might have to order online.

    1. I know right!! I've been stalking salons and OPI retailers searching for a backup bottle! Mine is getting reaaaaal low. I see some on ebay and amazon for below retail price so I may resort to online buying too! I don't want to run out of this colour! Its one of my favourites/most used!!