Thursday, 2 August 2012

Crows Toes Thing Swatch!


Today I am sporting a total glitter bomb. This is Crows Toes Thing! Inspired by the Adams Family.. Thing is the "hand" in the family! Haha As a kid he kind of scared me but as an adult I can appreciate his charm! There are two other glitters from Crows Toes inspired by the Adams Family and they are Morticia and Gomez! I tried out my Morticia the other day but I found that my bottle is VERY purple (it is supposed to be red) but then I came accross this post: on Crows Toes blog and have since contacted Leah Anne for a replacement bottle. She is on vacay right now so I will have to wait until she gets back to get a new bottle! No biggie. I love the way Lauri from Crows Toes handled the situation, totally professional yet cool at the same time. I feel like I would really like her in real life!

Anyway, on to the polish! SO SO many glitters in this one, lots of golden/bronzey ones but I especially love the kelly green and bright orange ones. Formula was thick, it was totally packed with glitter but not totally unmanageable. Someday it may require some thinner.

In this photo some nails have one coat, and some have two. I layered this bad boy over Essie Penny Talk.

I loved this combination on. Something about how the background of Penny Talked looked neutral and chrome-y while Thing totally stole the show with its awesomeness! I did need a coat of Gelous and a thick coat of SV to smooth it all out though. It was a pretty bumpy/hungry glitter. It is available at both Overall Beauty and Llarowe! I recommend both sites highly.

Have a nice day :)

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