Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Picks from The Dolly Does Polish Collection! Lipstick Around Your Dipstick, Slippery When Wet, and Toss My Salad Swatches!


The Dolly Does Polish is a mature themed polish collection that is sexual in nature! So if you are offended by these types of things.. turn around now! All of the polishes in this collection have pervy names and in Dolly's words.. are "for the naughty, dirty girl that lives in all of us!" I thought this collection was SO clever and the colours are to die for! The finish is all glassfleck shimmer too so I couldn't resist getting a couple!

I'll use Dolly's description for the colours and I'll talk about the formula and application at the end of the post!

First up is Lipstick Around Your Dipstick. 
"A nice shade of red, long-wear preferably for you to remember me by! A bold cherry red with a fuschia/red glass fleck shimmer is a shade that will certainly be remembered, where ever it's left behind!" 
I love this colour, it reminds me of shimmery maraschino cherries glimmering in a cocktail! The shimmer pulls sort of coral (pinky orange) on me and I love it.

Second up to bat is Slippery When Wet.
"Smack it, flip it, rub it down Oh No! OH YES! Whatever gets you all hot & bothered...or is it bothered and wet?! This Aqua with blue glass fleck shimmer is sure to "moisten" anyone's appetite."
Haha EPIC! This light almost icy blue/aqua is the shade of the sky on a perfect summer day and has a gorgeous glassfleck shimmer that to me looks almost purple in the sun! I love it. 

The third polish I picked up was "Toss My Salad".
"You won't find no Caesar salad here ladies! Hold the croutons & pass the jelly! This key lime green with green glass fleck shimmer will have you admiring your "rim"-tastic manicure"
OMG That description! Hilarious! This is a pale limey green with a gorgeous silvered green glassfleck really does remind me of key lime pie or fresh lettuce with condensation! Love it!

Formula/Application: All of these were sheer on the first coat, but opaque enough for a mani on the second. Add a third though, and it creates amazing depth and makes the shimmer really come out to play at maximum force! Easy to apply and I love the finish.

Overall: I loved these three polishes and I would love to go pick up some of the other shades in the collection. I was super impressed with the formula and finish! I love that an indie polish maker is coming out with some non-glitter polishes! I dig that. The names and inspiration behind the polishes is really the icing on the cake though! Clever, funny, pervy, and awesome!

I got these polishes from Kim @ She has some still left in stock and she ships fast and has awesome customer service! There are also some left in stock at :)

What do you think of these colours?

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