Monday, 20 August 2012

a-England Galahad Swatch!


THANK GOSH we have an archived post today! When the internet was good enough to upload picture with good quality and when my nails were long and strong. Le sigh. The internet here at work in the woods is total crap and work is very hard on my hands and nails :P I'm at exactly my halfway point though!! Two more weeks to go 'til I go home for a break :)

Today I am showing you one of my very favourite turquoise polishes, a-England Galahad! a-England is one of my favourite brands and this colour is wonderful!

Galahad is a perfect turquoise creme from The Mythicals collection. It manages to be bright and clean while slightly muted at the same time. Like all a-Englands, it applies perfectly. This is ONE COAT. Sometimes I need to do two if I am not careful but the majority of time I only need one :) It has a very creamy formula. It is also glossy, this swatch has no topcoat! Dry time is average to good and it wears very well!

I find myself reaching for this polish very often! It is available at lots of online retailers but is where I usually buy mine! They have EXCELLENT customer service and the shipping is fast, even to Canada! I highly recommend a-England!

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