Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Crows Toes Cheshire! Gradient Tips! & An Introduction to my nubbins..

Hi People :)

First.... I have major nubbins and I am so sad about it. Don't get me wrong, I love short nails! But these are short, weak, peeling, broken, and unevenly shaped nubbins. Some are so short they are painful :( That is what working with your hands in water/chemicals for 5 weeks will do to you. I am trying out some products and hopefully I will see some improvement soon. Until then, I'm sorry about my not-so-nice-nails & cuticles! I won't let it stop me from wearing awesome polishes though!

Today I am showing you a manicure I really liked! This is Crows Toes Cheshire done in a gradient on the tips overtop of Borghese Incanto Purple! I LOVE Cheshire. Its a mix of purple glitters in all different sizes and shapes including some random LARGE matte hexes and also some tiny blue glitters which make it look really cool. My favourite part though might be the splash of golden yellow hexes in the mix. It is super awesome. Plus I love the name and the colours represent it so well :) I really do love purple. Great polish!

Application was pretty good for a glitter! It is not as thick as some of my other Crows Toes polishes and went on pretty easily for a gradient :)

& here is Borghese Incanto Purple on its own! It is sort of a pink toned mauvey purple and this is three coats. It was kind of sheer but dried pretty quickly. Nothing to write home about but pretty none-the-less.

I definitely recommend Crows Toes Cheshire! Crows Toes are now being stocked HERE on Llarowe and I highly recommend stopping by her facebook page for updates on restocks!

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