Friday, 3 August 2012

Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros Collection Swatches!!!!!!! *PIC HEAVY*

Hi! I'm super excited about the collection swatches I am showing today! This is the Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros Collection! I am a MAJOR Mario fan, right from the NES. I can totally beat that game in one man, WITHOUT shortcuts. (I did it once hahahaha). I also still regularly play Mario games on my N64 and GameBoy Color. It is always fun, no matter your age. So when I saw the previews for this collection, I KNEW it had to be mine. I set my alarm for 5am and refreshed like a crazy person for an hour to snag this. I even missed the set!!! But I did manage to get all of them individually into my cart!

I'll talk about the formulas and application at the end of the post!

Here we gooooooooo!!!!!!!! *Said in Mario voice*

Here is the main man himself, It's A Me, Mario! Red and blue small and medium hex glitter with the odd holographic star in a clear base. 
(Layered over Julep Pippa, I didn't want to hide the red or blue glitter). 

Now, for his awesome brother, Go Luigi! Blue and green small and medium hex glitters with the odd holographic star in a clear base. A very appropriate book-end for the plumber brothers!
(Layered over Essie Mojito Madness and Joe Fresh Cobalt.. wanted to showcase both the blue and green).

My favourite Mario Kart and storybook character, Dino-Mite Yoshi! I love the pale yellow/green glitter in this one. There is also red and green micro glitter, medium green hexes and medium red squares! There is also a splash of small white glitters. Love this glitter combination.
(Layered over China Glaze Tree Hugger. I really like this combo!)

Next up is 1-UP! Woohoo! An extra man! This one has an abundance of green hex glitter, more sparse white hex and bar glitter, with micro green glitter! 
(Layered over Essence Black is Back. I think it would look epic over a nude too!)

And now for Bowser the bad guy.. The King Koopa! Golden yellow glitter in different sizes, Green and red glitters in different sizes and shapes, as well as black bar glitter and holographic diamonds! This one REALLY reminds me of Bowser. Amazeballs.
(Layered over Color Club Nomadic in Nude. Love love love this combination!)

Next is the female of the bunch, A Peachy Princess! This one is small glitters in lots of different shades of pink (some matte, some shiny, some leaning peach), a splash of holo glitter, and larger light pink squares all in a sheer tinted pink base! I love the glitter combination in this one! 
(I couldn't decide what to layer it over, so I tried a few in the first picture: Essence Black is Back, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Mod About You, & Color Club Poptastic. Over white you can see the pink tinted base!)

I liked it best over black, so I did a full mani with it. I thought it showed off the glitters the best.

Here is my second favourite Mario Kart player, and the cutest little helpful guy on the block.. Toad-ally Awesome! Mostly different sizes of white hexes, with blue micro glitter, with blue squares and red hexes! My favourite part though is a splash of random yellow glitter in the mix!
(I couldn't decide what to layer this one over. First I tried Joe Fresh Butter, but it sort of hid my favourite yellow glitters!)

So then I tried it over Color Club Lumin-Icent and Color Club Almost Famous. Look at that yellow glitter in there when put over a blue!)

Here is the evil plumber, Wicked Wario! Purple micro glitter, with a splash of yellow and green hex glitters, with white squares thrown in!
(Layered over Color Club Nomadic in Nude. I should have layered this over black, this nude doesn't do it justice at all! The purple glitters are fabulous in person!)

These pictures are all one coat of polish! Some were thinner or thicker than others but they were ALL really well formulated. The only one I might have done one more coat of was Wicked Wario (or put it over black!) They all spread really nicely on my nails and I didn't have to dig or fish for glitter at all with the exception of the stars in Mario and Luigi. It wasn't a huge feat by any means.. just a quick tilt of the bottle. 

I love ALLLLL of these and I don't know if I could pick favourites.. but Dino-Mite Yoshi, King Koopa, Toad-ally Awesome, and A Peachy Princess were the first to really catch my eye! 

These aren't available at Dolly's shop at the moment but I think she mentioned they will make a comeback eventually. I don't think I can even put into words how much I love this collection... the formulas are excellent, the colours REALLY represent the characters, and the collection as a whole is tied together so well. I just love it! An awesome idea executed flawlessly by Dollish Polish! If you love Mario as much as I do, you NEED this!

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