Tuesday, 7 August 2012

OPI Texas Sorbets Comparison Post!

Greetings fellow polish lovers!

Today I am featuring a couple of the OPI sorbets from the Texas Collection from last year. I know I am a little late to the party, sorry about that! I didn't buy these when they came out and I regret it! I just came across some of them at a salon and had to snatch them up to try.

First of all...OPI says these shades have a "sorbet" finish.. but lets be serious here OPI.. they are regular jellies. Don't get me wrong, jellies are like in my top 3 favourite finishes!! Lets just call them what they are though, okay OPI? Great. Haha!

Second of all.. these shades are ALL really similar shades of pink. What is up with that? Why not switch it up a bit? I would LOVE to have some jellies that aren't different variations of pink.

First up is Do You Think I'm Texy?
Out of the colours I found, this shade looks the most pink to me, leaning to the purple end of the pink spectrum. Almost a raspberry shade of pink! This is three coats for full opacity. Sadly I could only find this one in a mini bottle :(

Second up to bat is Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em. Looks very very pink in the bottle but on me it pulls more of a coral/maraschino/cherry tomato colour after the three coats that were needed for no VNL. Still just a different shade of pink though I guess.

The last shade I found is Guy Meets Galveston. This is another shade of pink.. but learing more to the orange side of coral. This was the sheerest for me, and I needed four coats for no VNL although it did look fine at three.

Finally, here is a comparison of the three colours since they seemed SO similar I felt the need to look at them right next to each other.

Middle: Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em
Ring: Do You Think I'm Texy?
Pinky: Guy Meets Galveston

When they are right beside each other you can definitely see the difference between the colours but I am still sort of sad that OPI didn't spice it up a bit. Also I am a bit sad that my favourite of the three is Do You Think I'm Texy and sadly I only have a mini bottle of it :( With three coats needed I am going to plow through that bottle pretty quickly!!

On the other hand though, the formulas were quite good! Not streaky and they dried quickly to an awesome squishy/glossy finish that I love from jellies!

Hopefully I can find the others in salons too, and maybe even a full sized bottle of Do You Think I'm Texy! I was also really impressed with the quality of the OPI NYC Ballet Jellies.... so please OPI... hear my prayer.. MAKE MORE JELLIES! MAKE THEM IN UNIQUE COLOURS! *does the polish prayer dance*

So long for now!

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