Wednesday, 13 June 2012

China Glaze Im With The Lifeguard - Swatch

Big day today! Not in my life (my life is boring), but in my polish land. I found a green that might bump Twiggie out of the #1 spot on the list of my favourite greens: China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard!! It came out with the Summer Neons collection for Summer 2012. I wanted every single one of those polishes but I'm on a strict no-buy right now until I go back to work and I broke the rules and allowed myself to at least buy one polish.. for now. Rules are for breaking and I'm soooooo glad I got this bad boy. Now I can't imagine my life polish collection without it. I really do love the colour green. Also how cute is the name of this polish? I WISH I was with the lifeguard.. hahahaha

Im with the lifeguard is an insanely bright neon lime green. Like, it burned my retinas it is so bright! And to top it off it has an amazing yellow toned lime green green shimmer that in real life is absolutely stunning!! It applied great and had an awesome formula for a neon! Not gluggy or thick at all, if anything it was on the thinner side, but not so thin as to pool in my cuticles or anything. But I was careful just in case. It dried to a satin finish. These photos are two coats over a white base with topcoat. My camera struggled to capture the shimmer because the finish is so bright but in real life the shimmer is very obvious, not subtle like my pictures make it seem, you'll just have to trust me on it.

I absolutely adore this colour, it is right down my alley and I can see myself wearing it all summer long! It even makes my hands look sort of tan. I can't imagine how amazing it would look with a real tan or on a darker skin tone. I was thinking it might be a dupe for my American Apparel Neon Green but Im With The Lifeguard is SLIGHTLY darker, has that added shimmer, and has a WAY better formula.

If the rest of the colours in the collection are anything at all like Im With The Lifeguard then I can't wait to pick up some of them up!


  1. Wowza this looks amazing on you! I tried playing with neons once but I really cant pull it off. Great photos too! Mine always turn out horrible x

    1. Thanks!! I think it is my favourite green right now! I have a thing for neons hahah :] Thanks also for the photo compliment :) I have been experimenting with some different settings on my point and shoot!!