Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nails Inc Portobello - Swatch

Yoooooo everyone! Sunny day out today! I'm going to spend it at the SPCA walking some of my furboyfriends and girlfriends. I am still waiting for the call (my work call, I'm not a superhero unfortunately) so I spend a lot of my time volunteering out there. It is a lot of fun to give and get some love from the dogs and cats, plus there are some spots to hike and go for long walks so it can be good exercise too! On a side note though, I need to get a call for work, I'm starting to be really broke and I have some big bills to pay!!! Also some nail polish to buy!

Anyway, on to a happier topic... today I have a Nails Inc Neon to show off! I got it at Sephora for $10 the last time I was in the city. It was just sitting by the cash staring at me.. being all neon... begging to be bought. It even has a huge orange sticker on it that screamed NEON SHADE. I wasn't so sure I needed it, and then I picked it up and saw that it was named Portobello and I was like HOT DAMN and threw it into my basket. Portobello? Come on, I had to. Those are like.. the most delicious mushrooms ever. Not that this colour looks ANYTHING like a mushroom. Where did nails inc even think up this name? Probably picked it out of a hat or something.

In the bottle it definitely looks coral, but it dried darker on my nails to more of a tangerine orange colour with SLIGHT pinkish undertones. It definitely feels like a jelly in application, which I love. Its got a great formula, but since it is so jelly-ish it is a little sheer. It dries to a satin or semi matte finish.

The first picture is two coats over a white base. 

This second picture is four coats on its own. Yes, I needed four coats to get absolutely no visable nail line. I was okay with that though because it dried really quickly and it has such a squishy look to it that I really REALLY like. If your nails are shorter or a slight VNL doesn't bother you than two or three coats would be fine!

Squishy.. neon.. coral/orange.. jelly = awesome. I love the fact that it packs a double batch of win for me because of the neon\jelly. Those are my two favourite things. I think it is a great summer colour and would look great on most skin tones, it even makes me look sort of tan! (sort of). Also neon corals are apparently super trendy this summer, so it would be a good colour to pick up :)

Side note again!!! Here is my buddy Wilber who lives at the SPCA. He is such a good dog! I'm headed out to play with him now :D

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