Friday, 1 June 2012

Illamasqua Stance - Swatch & Review

Wandering in Sephora is really dangerous for me. I have a best friend who always comes with me & tries to keep me in line, but she couldn't help me when the Sephora in Halifax finally got a Nail Bar & Illamasqua was staring me in the face. I had to buy Stance!! I just had to.

Illamasqua describes it as "fuchsia violet gloss", and I think it is bang on.  It was hard to capture in pictures because my camera has a lot of trouble with purples, and also because it was so bright. It was really unique and gorgeous. It is almost a neon violet, but definitely leans fuchsia and is very bright but not quite neon. When I got this baby home to my shelves I was worried it might actually be a dupe for my American Apparel Neon Violet but I was happily proven wrong, its lighter and more fuchsia than the AA, as well as much more glossy.

The formula was excellent, this is three thin easy coats, and no top coat (so glossy!) It is a creme but felt thinner, almost like a crelly, which is one of my favourite formulas. Also it was flattering on my skintone! :D


The quality of Illamasqua and the inspiration behind their products has really impressed me. The bottles are awesome and classy, the formula is excellent, the brush is fantastic.. my only teeny tiny complaint is I have trouble painting with a square cap, but maybe it just takes practice. The polish is on the pricier end, at $14, but not way up there like NARS or Dior. I think the product is worth the price :)

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