Monday, 4 June 2012

OPI Spidermen Collection, Just Spotted The Lizard & - My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatches

Holy moly, when I heard OPI was coming out with a Spiderman inspired collection I could barely keep my composure. Like.. needed to breathe into a paperbag and shove my head between my knees excited. I love spiderman so much. The kids I babysit and I used to play spiderman together all the time. I usually got stuck being Doctor Octopus or Sandman :P Just once, I wanted to be the good guy! Hahaha

I wanted to be knocked off my feet by this collection, I wanted to be floored with amazingness. Unfortunately for me, (fortunate for my wallet) .. I didn't really enjoy many of the polishes.. and I didn't feel they were very original or representative of Spiderman at all!! In my dream Spiderman collection there would be a cobalt jelly! An eye searing red! A sandy nude with black flecks! A dirty medium green shimmer! And thats just a few ideas that do scream spiderman to me.. not the frosty pink and random orange that OPI came up with. Okay Ill stop ranting now because I do really like OPI and I do like that they collaborated to make this collection (Nail polish and superheros are two of my very favourite things!!!)

Anyway the two colors I did pick up from the collection were Just Spotted the Lizard (a dupe for Chanel Peridot!) and My Boyfriend Scales Walls (a grey toned white).

Just Spotted the Lizard- A gold to olive-y green duo-chrome with a bit of dark blue at the edges of the nail in certain and specific angles. I really really wish the blue showed up more on the nail though :( Its a metallic with a slight frosty finish and it does have some brushstokes. Careful application and a good topcoat will fix most of that though. This is three coats and Seche Vite.

Lovely bottle shot! Why or why doesn't that blue show up better?!
Artificial Light
In the sunshine
You could kind of see the blue at the edges in this one.. or at least you could in real life. Not very noticeable though :(
In the shade 
& Here are some funky angles:

My Boyfriend Scales Walls- A grey toned white, not entirely unique. I bought it pretty much for the name but was pleasantly surprised. Formula wasn't so bad for a white (this is only two careful coats), and it has got just enough grey undertones to make it not chalky or stark. I like that.

Anyway, there you have it. My picks from the Spiderman collection. I'm thinking about picking up Number One Nemesis too, it actually looks pretty cool!

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