Friday, 22 June 2012

Fishnet Fingernails Nail (fail?) Art !


Today I have kind of a fail nail art.... I'm still new to stamping and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. However I am going to go ahead and post my fails as well as my triumphs on this nail art adventure!

I originally wanted to make my nails look like lace, but they ended up looking more like fishnet tights. I started with Color Club Nomadic in Nude. I had it on yesterday but neutrals aren't really my thing so I had to add something to it. So I stamped on the full nail design image from Konad plate M57 with the criss cross lines. This is where I had the trouble. I still need practice stamping with full nail designs. Then I waited until that dried and did the roses from B42 (I think the plates are made by Nailtrixx, I got a package of them from the "As seen on TV store").

These kind of look more like ripped fishnets (Hollaaaaa Ke$ha) because of my user error... Hahah but i think overall the concept is really cool and after some more practice I might try to recreate this look again.

Oh hay!! They look pretty good from far away!! Just.. not so much up close.

Anyway, have a great day :)

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