Thursday, 14 June 2012

Joe Fresh Hula - Swatch


Today I am showing off Joe Fresh Hula! It is a pale pink but what makes it unique is that leans peach and has a subtle almost pearly finish! It is also not SO light... so I don't look like I have corpse hands, that is always a bonus for me with pale colours! It is also really work appropriate but feminine too :) I think it would look really pretty with a soft glitter overtop (something like pirouette my whistle, or love lace & lilacs)..mental note, gotta try that.

The formula gave me a little trouble though.. it was a little goopy/draggy so I needed three coats to make to even everything out to a smooth finish. I found it odd because most of my Joe polishes have great formulas! End result looks good though!

In Canada you can buy Joe Fresh polishes in Atlantic Superstores in the cosmetic section  for $4 or 3 for $10! Be careful though.. lately every time I go for groceries I come home with three new colours!

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