Saturday, 23 June 2012

HITS Atena - Swatch! ...& some good news in my life :)

Hi everyone!!!

Yesterday I got some great news!!! I am going back to work on Wednesday :D :D !!!! I work all over northern Canada in mining and junior exploration drilling camps as a camp cook and medic/first aid attendant. I usually live in a tent, travel by float plane/helicopter/charter flights etc. It is pretty cool. The work is mostly seasonal and I am really excited to get back to it as I have been off for the last two months! I'm a little nervous because I am headed to the middle of Northern Quebec and I have never been there before :P It's great thought because I am out of money, have some big bills to pay, and lots of nail polish to buy :)

Here is a picture of me on the tundra last summer leaving one of my work tours in Nunavut! The blades on that chopper were actually still spinning when this picture was taken! Also, look at the pretty rainbow :)

I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work as I am dealing with food, etc. But don't fret, I have been saving up lots of photos to blog about while I am up there if the internet connection is good enough :)

So in light of this happy news, I needed a manicure that represented my good mood! I picked HITS Atena from the No Olimpo holo collection! 

Atena is a gorgeous deep pink linear holographic polish. It isn't the strongest linear holo I own, and the bottle is a little smaller than average, but the colour and effect still packs a punch :) In comparison to some of the other holo out there (Layla, Nfu Oh, etc) the formula on these HITS holographics is EXCELLENT. I felt like it was almost creamy! The first coat of Atena went on quite sheer and I was scared I should have layered it to conserve the polish but I got full coverage with two coats.

This is not the nicest picture, but it is the most colour accurate.
Here is how Atena looks in the shade, still very pretty if you ask me :)

This last picture is taken in the shade alongside one of my Moms flowers in the garden :D

I would also like to note that wear time on these HITS holos is MUCH better than my laylas. With no base coat/top coat this polish did not chip until day three. DAY THREE. That is the best wear I have gotten from a holo thus far. :) In fact, it is comparable to the wear of any run-of-the-mill creme for me.

HITS is a Brazillian brand and I got it from Llarowe! They retail there for 10 dollars but can often be found a couple dollars off in the SALE section on her website.

Thanks for letting me ramble on about work today, I needed it :)


  1. Congrats on your good news, your job sounds very adventurous and fun!

    1. Thank you!! I'm excited to get back adventuring :] but a little sad to say goodbye to my nailpolish! Haha!