Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pretty & Polished Wine Night Out - Swatch & Review

It's a beautiful day.. sunny and perfect for a colour shifting topcoat!

I thought I would test out Pretty & Polished's Wine Night Out. I originally bought this bad boy simply for the name... I effing love wine, and I love going out... so it seemed to be a perfect fit. Then when I found out it was colour shifting I knew it was meant to be :D

The colour shifting particles in this one seem to be different than glitter, and different than shimmer.. but very glitter-like. Smaller, all uniformly shaped, and densely packed in a clear base.

The colour shift starts at a blue & purple at most angles, and changes to pink, red, orange and yellow. The shift is very very obvious in real life, and it is incredibly sparkly in the sun. I wish I could have captured the true beauty of it in photos. Trust me, its gorgeous.

This is one very easy coat over black. The pictures are both indoors and outdoors and at lots of different angles.

This polish is super unique to my collection and I wish I got the full size. It is really awesome and super pretty. I'm going to try it over a lighter colour next for a different effect :)

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