Tuesday, 26 June 2012

OPI Alpine Snow VS OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls - White Comparison Post!

Hiii everyone!!!

Today is a comparison that I was super curious about. OPI Alpine Snow (their core colour white polish) up against the newly released My Boyfriend Scales Walls (Spiderman Collection).

Application: Equal. Slightly streaky on the first coat, both even and smooth by the last. Both dry relatively fast and glossy.

Coverage wise: Two thick coats OR three thin coats will give you full opacity for both of these polishes.

Colour: OPI Alpine snow is your standard bright white. I wouldn't call it chalky but it is definitely a pure white polish. On my skin it looks slightly stark. Not like I painted my hands with white-out or anything, its just noticeably brighter. My Boyfriend Scales Walls does have some slight grey undertones taking it out of the "stark" area and making it a little more flattering on my skin tone.

Index and Ring: Alpine Snow
Middle and Pinky: My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Verdict: They're not the same, but they are very similar. I imagine the differences may not be distinguishable on all skin tones, but it is on mine. I like them both though. Alpine Snow makes a great "eye-catching" white polish, and functions excellent as an underwear polish for neons. My Boyfriend Scales Walls will make a wonderful "wearable" white for me! I will let you decide if you need both!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this was helpful!


  1. OMG thank you ! I've been looking for a good comparison of these polishes for ages !

    1. you are very very welcome! thanks for looking :] I am happy I am not the only one who really wanted to know the difference between these two polishes!

  2. Great thanks for this post! I was looking for a comparison :)