Sunday, 10 June 2012

OPI Did It On 'Em - Swatch

Hello hello!

Today I am wearing my favourite colour: Chartreuse green, in the form of OPI Did It On 'Em! This came out in January 2012 with the Nicki Minaj Collection! The song that this is inspired by is....  very odd to say the least haha! and it is definitely not my favourite Nicki song but it might be my favourite polish from the Nicki collection. I actually want to paint the walls of my bedroom this colour.

Its a sort of dirty chartreuse that manages to be bright at the same time! The formula wasn't perfect but it wasn't terrible. Application was a little bit streaky. I needed three coats to even everything out and these pictures were taken with top coat!

This colour is directly down my alley. Most chartreuses don't look good with my skin tone but this one does!!!! Or am I hallucinating? No, I think it looks good :) I think it would look even better on someone with darker skin!


  1. looks great! Your nails are a lovely shape :) Claire x

    1. Thanks :) I have been trying to keep them in better shape lately. My job involves lots of chemicals and dishwashing so it can be so hard to keep them strong!